I receive an email from you with instructions for the evening. It explains what to wear and what time to be at your house.

I arrive wearing the required black stockings, black and red Basque with matching knickers and a black satin Mac that ties around the waist. The killer healed black stilettos click as I approach the front door which is slightly ajar. You are nowhere to be seen.

I open the door and look into an empty hall. I enter and walk through to the kitchen. There is a note stuck to the cooker that instructs as follows:

‘Go upstairs to the master bedroom and stand in the middle of the room in front of the mirrors. Undo your coat and slip it off your shoulders letting it slide slowly to the floor. Do not under any circumstances close the curtains or the door.’

I walk up the stairs, my legs are trembling slightly. I’m not sure whether it’s with fear or excitement or both. At the top of the stairs there are four closed doors. Just to make sure that the house is empty, I knock and peak around each door before going into your room.

Once inside I slip off my coat as instructed in the note; I stand shivering in front of the mirrors; it wasn’t cold so I can only think that it must be in anticipation. I look around me and notice that on the bed are:

• A blindfold
• A pair of handcuffs
• A ribbon

I examine the room to see if there are any further instructions and I reach for another note that’s pinned to the ensuite bathroom door.

It just says “You know what to do now”.

As I am unable to handcuff myself and I’m really not sure what the ribbon is for; I guess that I am to wear the blindfold and lie on the bed, so that is what I do.

As I lie there for what seems an age, I start to wonder what is going to unfold.

I’m a little nervous but I trust you, don’t I?

I start to fidget and contemplate getting off the bed and leaving but I am compelled to stay; suddenly I can hear what I think are footsteps on the stairs. My trembling increases as I hear the bedroom door closing. A voice says something but it’s muffled so I can’t be certain it’s you. I assume it must be, as no one else knows I’m here.

The voice tells me not to worry, that everything is going to be ok and I will not, under any circumstances, come to any harm. The footsteps come closer to the bed; I hear the handcuffs jingle and the cold mettle is clamped around my left wrist. Then, very gently my arm is pulled above my head; lips blow hot air through the material of my Basque over my left nipple whilst the handcuff is gently locked to the bedpost.

I call your name.

The only response I get is to shush and then a command to open my legs.

I feel stiff and unyielding but the warm soft hands that tug at my knickers are gentle and reassuring as they slide them down my legs.

I start to relax as I let the barriers in my mind dissolve and I hear the rustle of the ribbon. In my minds eye I can picture its silky blackness as it unravels. I feel the cold softness of the material against my skin as the ribbon is first tied around my left ankle and then my right. Suddenly it’s pulled tighter, not so it hurts, but so that it restricts my movement as it’s tied to the bottom of the bed. The anticipation is now making my breathing shallow and fast and I have to concentrate in order to stay calm. My mind is reeling as I realize my vulnerability. My trust in you abounds and I am able to control my erratic emotions.

Soft hands gently caress my legs and as they move towards my pussy a moan involuntarily escapes my lips and my breath is drawn in as I gasp. I feel fingers gently caressing the mound that is my pubic bone and I find myself hoping that they will slide slowly down to my pussy and delve into the wetness that I know is there.

Eventually, the fingers part my lips and I feel the hot wetness of a tongue slide towards the centre of my consciousness, I moan as it licks and flicks the hard button that my clitoris has become. It’s sensitive and almost screams to be sucked. Gently but with authority, the tongue moves down and just as I think it is going to push deeply into my wet hole, it stops and moves back up to suck at the clitoris again.

This feels different. The tongue movements are unfamiliar and in my subconscious I question whether it’s you. At the same time my physical need takes over and I gasp and moan and lift my hips to push myself further into this hot wet tongue that is driving me wild. The sucking and licking continues and hands hold my hips so that I can’t move. I’m confused now as it seems I have hands all over my body, but I’m told that if I move again I will be spanked. I keep still and the licking stops. I cry out,

“What are you doing, I want more! I did as I was told; you can’t do this to me.”

The voice states very matter of factly, that if I wait patiently, I will get what I want.

A realization waves over me; I like being told what to do; so I lie still for what seems an age but in reality is just a couple of minutes.

I can feel the eyes that are appraising my body; I can hear the breath that is coming in short bursts and is building. I also hear what I think is a familiar sound and I imagine that the cock in your hand is hard and standing proud. I dare to say;

“Don’t waste it, give it to me”

The voice replies irritated

“You must wait, be patient”.

I feel the warmth of the body as it leans over me and hands gently part my legs.

Fingers investigate my pussy to see if it is still wet.

“Lovely” the voice announces.

I feel something hard and cold being pressed against my pussy lips. I can’t think what it is and am not sure if it feels good or not. I struggle a little and the hands continue to stroke and caress me reassuringly.

I find this calming and give myself up to the feeling of invasion by the alien object as I start to get used to the cold hardness. I wriggle as this foreign body is then pushed just slightly inside me. I start to get wetter and my breath is coming faster and shallower. The hard cold thing is drawn in and out, not too far, just enough to make me want more. I am internally screaming that I want to be fucked, to be invaded, to open myself and let go of every inhibition. But suddenly I am empty again as the object of my desire is taken away. Soft pliable fingers take its place again and I relax as the waves of pleasure start to build in my lower legs and tingle up to my thighs.

My mind is reeling and now I’m not sure whether I want the cold hard thing or the fingers. The fingers go deeper and deeper still. I start to thrust my hips up. I moan and my head is thrashing from side to side, I strain against the handcuff. I try to put my right hand down to touch myself, but it is slapped away and I am told to be a good girl. The fingers seem to be taking up more space and I realize that the fingers have become a hand.

It starts to hurt. I feel a burning, but somehow it feels good. They slow down, the voice tells me to take a deep breath and relax. I can feel the familiar coldness of lube being used to ease the hand in further. I breathe and relax and the sensation starts to become more enjoyable. I open my legs as far as I can to allow better access and the sensation changes as the hand moves around deep inside me. It’s now the slimmer wrist at the opening of my vagina. There is an explosion of colour behind my eyes and my clitoris feels like it’s going to erupt; the orgasm that now wracks through my body ejects my juices from my body in an almost violent flow.

I relax completely in the aftermath of an orgasmic storm and the hand is eased away. I feel disappointed. I lay abandoned and my breathing returns to its normal rate. Suddenly the fingers come back and are pushed inside me roughly, one inside my pussy the other in my arse. I scream out, but not in pain. I don’t know what’s happening, but I am severely turned on by this feeling. I’m not sure whether I like this but my pussy is saying I do. I start to moan, and push myself into the hand. And once again it slows to a stop.

“No” I shout “please, I want to come again”

I am almost crying with frustration and excitement. The hands restrain me, and I then feel something tickling my skin very gently, I have goose bumps all over me.

My breath is drawn sharply in an involuntary gasp.

Suddenly, the tickling stops, the hands are withdrawn and I am left wondering what is going to happen next.

I hear the door open and close.

I don’t know whether it’s someone coming in or going out.

I feel bereft, I want you – I want you to come back.

I feel stroking on my thigh, a gentle touch; my senses are in overdrive, and my skin is more sensitive than I ever thought possible, I think it feels like a brush of some kind, like a paint brush. It makes my skin prickle, I am so wet I think I must be dripping on the bedcovers, I’m shaking from head to toe and I can’t stop moaning or thrusting my pussy towards the warmth of the body that is by the bed.

Suddenly I feel hot lips kissing my breasts and hands undo the clasps of the Basque. It is taken away and the hands cup my breasts as lips kiss and suck at the nipples which are erect and hard. I moan again. I exclaim,

“I want to feel your hard cock inside me”.

The reply I get elates me

“You will my darling, just be patient sweetheart”.

I now know for definite that it’s you and I lift my free hand to touch your face. You brush it away and tell me not to be naughty.

I hear your zipper and the rustle of clothes as you undress. You lie on the bed next to me and stroke my body with your fingers. I can feel your hard cock straining against my thigh and you tell me to be still. You undo the ribbon at my ankles and demand that I get on my knees. Now I know why only one wrist went in the handcuff!

You turn me around so that my head is towards the mirror; you want to see what happens next. You hold my waist as you thrust your throbbing cock inside me. I gasp and cry out. I push myself back against you as you glide in and out of my soaking wet pussy. I can feel that your bellend is rock hard as it pushes into my mound and I reach underneath me to squeeze your balls as they bang into me. Your thrusts get harder and deeper as we move in unison.

I shudder and scream out as my orgasm surges through my body, my back arches to take every inch of you and my juices are catapulted into your groin soaking your lower body and running down my inner thighs. My head falls exhausted to the bed.

You pull me up by my hair, gently; it doesn’t hurt, just strong and demanding. You lean forward and pull off my blindfold. I look into the mirror and see your face as you erupt and squirt your cum deep inside me. Suddenly I see a shadow near the door. Was it a body or a trick of moonlight through the open curtain?

I look into your eyes questioningly to see if I can see the answer and you smile and say

“My darling you will never know”.

Goldie Longhorne 2009