2 thoughts on ““I’m Ready, Sir”

  1. She waited quietly. Dressed in a simple knee length skirt and buttoned blouse open to the cleavage. She checked the ice in the bucket, the volume control on the music system, a cool jazz album. Then the car drew up outside.

    She poured the Chablis and held the glass in readiness. The door had been left off the latch as arranged. He entered smiling but silent. She held the glass in offering and he took it still smiling, still silent. As he embraced the bouquet she slowly raised her skirt, displaying her stocking tops, then her suspender straps.

    She pirouetted slowly and showed him her satin silky panties stretched over her ass. She unbuttoned more buttons on her blouse and revealed her breasts uplifted in an open bra. He watched as she held the skirt at her waist and kneeled. He could see her high heels and her panties and nylons as he looked down over the glass of wine.

    She unzipped him, expertly pulled out his cock and engulfed the soft member in her warm mouth, running her tongue around the end and sucking with her lips. He carried on sipping the wine and watched her suck his cock.

    She knew when to change the position. He was hard now and she licked his cock in a manner to make it wet. She stood and took his empty glass and set it down on the side.

    She bent over a chair, her skirt raised and lowered her panties to her stocking tops. He gripped her hips and slid his cock into her pussy and started slow long strokes in and out of her wetness. He went deep, he spanked the cheeks of her ass and reddened them. They glowed hot and he fucked her faster. When he withdrew she quickly turned around, squatting on her heels and with her mouth open reached for his cock guiding it to her mouth.

    The ropes of juices shot onto her lips and into her mouth, she hungrily licked and sucked the cock for more. She cleaned him, licking up her juices from his pubic area and balls then lifted his shorts and trousers up for him to reach.

    Still no word was said. He snapped his buckle and tucked his shirt and he turned still smiling and spoke, ‘Good Girl’.

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