Pin-Up Girls In Nylons

I suspect that my nylon fetish began when I saw my saw my first Gil Elvgren pin-up girl. If there was some event earlier in my life that established a permanent erotic connection between my libido and nylons, my early encounters with pin-up girls certainly reinforced and “hardened” that connection.

Comic books and “dime novel” covers were everywhere, and this illustration would definitely have caught my attention then, just as it does now.

What kinds of things piqued your interest in nylons when you were younger?

4 thoughts on “Pin-Up Girls In Nylons

  1. I can related. I loved the old pinup mags like Spick, Span and Beautiful Britons. Seeing my aunt and mother pulling up their stockings and fixing their suspenders probably first got me started, though.

    1. I totally agree!
      Not only the pinup mags but the old Sears catalogue and an assortment of advertisements.
      Not only seeing mom, auntie and my sister pulling up nylons and adjusting garters but as a young boy my grandmother would take me “shopping” with her…I spent many hours from a very young age helping her find her size girdles in the department store bins! As well as hanging out with her at the sales counter watching the sales ladies help her choose her (and my) favorite color and style nylons!
      It would suffice to say that’s what really “hit it home” for me!!!

    2. Yes I can relate to that too….spick and span mags my father had them in their bedroom my mother was never coy about me seeing her in various stages of undress…..tan being her favourite colour….and I’m pretty sure she shaved too as I never once saw a hairy bush lol

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