The top of a traditional nylon stocking, whether fully-fashioned or with reinforced heel and toe, where the garters are attached, is called “the welt”, and the area just below it is “the shadow welt.” The shadow welt often contains fine detailing that contrasts with the nylon’s color, and is particularly intriguing to the nylon fetishist.

The welt itself is the uppermost section of the nylon, and it ends somewhere up on the upper thigh. Listen to Suzanne Vega’s “Stockings” some time, to get a full appreciation of that transition.

I know that lacetop stockings are popular because they typically have elastic in them, which precludes the need for garters (or garterbelt) altogether. But the rougher feel is just not as satisfying to a lover’s hand as the transition from the somoothness of the nylon to the warm smoothness of the flesh above it. And the garter straps add an interesting complication to overcome. If you truly love real nylons, or love making love to your lover who’s wearing them, you know.

When the garters are properly attached  To a genuine full-fashioned nylon, one of them is positioned at the top of the “keyhole” which is the ‘finishing hole” created during the manufacturing process.

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