Ankle Chain With Nylons: Inside Or Outside?

While I ran the Fool For Your Stockings blog, I would occasionally post a nylon-related question, and the responses were always enjoyable to read. So I’m posting one here:

If you wear an ankle chain with hosiery, do you wear it inside or outside your nylons? Stocking Vixen demonstrates the “outside” option above.

This is also a little experiment for me to see how well (or poorly) the “Comments” part of this blog works. Or even whether anyone is interested in the post. So please do me a favor and comment one way or the other, or tell me it’s a stupid idea to wear an ankle chain at all. Whatever. Just comment, so that I can see how that works.

And thanks. I promise to respond.

10 thoughts on “Ankle Chain With Nylons: Inside Or Outside?

  1. inside left leg if you are married or committed Outside right leg if you want to fuck Inside right leg if you just want to talk. I met my girlfriend on an outside right leg eight years ago.

  2. left, inside or out, you’re committed, right inside, sex outside relationship that uses a condom, outside, sex outside relationship that prefers no condom. at least this is what my wife tells me, and since i am her cuckold…..

      1. Thank you. We see that in our room circle of friends cuckold husbands and the wives. Depends on her mood, she wears it as discussed. They all do here in CA

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