Back before Stocking Vixen and I  created Backseam, I ran the Fool For Your Stockings blog on Blogger. Even though I haven’t posted in some time, it’s probably still there, because on the internet, nothing is ever completely gone. But now, I have a different platform on which to indulge my nylon fetish.

Nylon Whispers has begun to acquire some critical mass, if Word Press’ metrics about visits and page views are to be believed, and now I have an audience once again with whom to share my day-to-day observations about the state of hosiery in the world. It’s something, quite frankly, to take my mind off current events for a little while.

In this era of bare legs and leggings (not that I dislike leggings, mind you) it is refreshing to see more women in public situations in hosiery. Even though that hosiery is very unlikely to involve garters, it’s still rare enough that a nylon festishist never fails to respond.

I sometimes wonder whether those women who are wearing hosiery at work or while they’re  out and about are aware of the attention they receive. I’m certain that I’m not the only one who notices. And I do hear from women from time to time who consider wearing hosiery more of a pleasure than a pain. And who enjoy the attention it draws.

So here’s to more hosiery! I hope it’s a sustainable trend.

2 thoughts on “I’m Just A Fool For Your Stockings

  1. I will admit that until recently when I started dating a man with a love of stockings I was unaware of the attention they draw. As a woman I prefer wearing stockings and garters over pantyhose. I’ve always hated the confining feel of pantyhose, with stockings and garters you get the silky feeling without feeling trapped in them.

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