About Upskirts

I was in a Starbucks recently, sitting in one of the comfy chairs, checking my Twitter stream, when a woman sat down across from me. She was very pretty and in full corporate dress mode – blouse, pencil skirt, heels and hose. Five years ago, I would have snapped a photo of her legs covered in nude hose, and perhaps another of her heels, all the while pretending that I was interacting with my phone. And I probably would have shared it on my Fool For Your Stockings blog – without of course showing her face.

But not now. Partly because something like that can get you arrested, but mostly because my consciousness has been raised by some of my female acquaintances (also nylon fetishists, by the way), who have described that this isn’t just an invasion of privacy, but also an assault. I’m still a pervert, of course, and I still look and become aroused by rare upskirt opportunities, but no more photos.

But sometimes, it’s consensual. I have been encouraged to look and to photograph upskirts involving women I know, and who know of my fetish for nylon. It can be very arousing indeed. As Stocking Vixen demonstrates above.

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