Some of you may have been familiar with Backseam. When Stocking Vixen and I created Backseam in 2009, it very quickly attracted thousands of nylon enthusiasts, many of whom shared their personal accounts (many with photos) of their nylon fetish. Several of them were writers who from time to time shared their work with the Backseam community. Some described how the pleasure they received from wearing nylon or having their partner wear it enhanced the pleasure they experienced from their other fetishes. And over the years, we had the opportunity to meet a few of them in real life.

A few years later, Backseam morphed into Clippette in order to generate revenue, but after a few years of running a very popular clipsite, it transitioned away from a nylon focus to other areas that were, for us, not much fun, so we closed it down and moved on to other things with our lives.

Our time together with Backseam was an amazing five-year ride, and it’s something we keep saying we’ll have to write a book about. And maybe we will someday.

But Nylon Whispers continued on its own. Even though new posts have been few and far between, every day sees new traffic to the site, so I’ve decided to make use of that traffic to showcase and promote some new writing about the nylon fetish and BDSM.

As before, I invite you to contribute your writing as well. The original mission of Nylon Whispers was as a showcase for good writing about the fetish. That mission continues here.

The writing on Nylon Whispers will be free. But as with everything else on the internet, somebody has to pay the bills. So a more extensive catalog of writing will soon be available for purchase. There will be previews of that writing here, and I am making the Nylon Whispers platform available to promote your writing as well.

Nick Danger


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