“Please Hurt Me”

His open hand comes down sharply on the right cheek of her butt, just under her hip, at just the right oblique angle to inflict a sharp, stinging pain that causes her breath to catch in her throat. And again, a second smack, even harder, and the rednes begins to rise on her cheek. A third, harder yet.

Then he applies the spanking to her other cheek, in the same way, with the same intensity, with the same results.

He pauses to savor the scenario of his petite brunette Secretary, bent over his desk, palms down, her dress up above her hips, her pantyhose pulled down around her knees, her blouse open, her deliciously full breasts overflowing her pretty black lace bra.

He pulls her head back by her long brown hair, and brings his face close to hers.

“More?” he asks.

“Yes, please” she whispers, and he spanks her again, first on one cheek, then the other. His cock is very hard now, throbbing and aching with the need to be inside her tight little pussy. His fingers have discovered that she is already wet and ready for him to take her.
“Is my special girl ready for me to fuck her?”
“Yes,” she whispers. “Please.”

And in the space of her gasp, he is fully inside her.
Deep, and completely unprotected.

He feels her cum all around his cock, and feels her scream in the palm of his hand, which covers her mouth. His cock expands to fill every inch of her, all the way up to her cervix