Thank you, Poseinhose, for your kind words. GordonPym


One of the greatest series of pics  ive seen lately.  very lovely wife and very exciting content. many thanks for this.  Mr Poseinhose


IMPORTANT: it’s the story which counts, and the photos !

A reader recently commented: I must admit at first I just skipped through the pictures but then I read the story which put each picture in context and found it very arousing.

So… let the Story begin – Episode #1

Five years ago, while I was away at sea and far from home, I received an e-mail with THIS PHOTO, as a special birthday present by my wife Linda.

Since then, Linda began sending me a picture a day, from a set shot by a stranger, where she was blindfolded and submitting to every every direction and touch by the mysterious photographer.

With each picture she wrote me a little of what she was feeling as each of the photos were taken, and I was left waiting in anticipation for the next day’s picture to arrive in my Inbox.

Over the course of a month a picture would arrive as the shooting progressed. 
I’m sharing the whole set of pictures starting HERE.

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Thank you so much, and now ENJOY

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– GordonPym

PS: As I told, she is my Wife, and I am not the one behind the camera. Imagine my feelings:
– when was the photo taken?
– who shot the photo?
– why that blindfold?
– and, moreover, why that submissive expression on her lovely face?

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