What does the New Year signify to you my dear Tumblr friends?

It has been a hard year for many with challenges of new jobs and loss jobs and other health and personal issues of growing up, love lost and even love misplaced along the way this year… we all struggle with in that wonderful thing we call life and yet another year has come to an end. Every year, the sun sets on the old year, heralding the dawn of a new morning, new year, new era, and new life. With time, we make great strides in personal and professional growth. Each failure becomes a stepping stone, and each success becomes a milestone Many choose the New Year as the time to turn over a new leaf. Smokers vow to kick the foul habit. Some decide to change to a new and improved lifestyle.nThe new diet starts tomorrow…but tonight we live a little Habitual spendthrifts decide to mend their ways. And most of us, who enjoy eating unhealthy food, latch on to the latest dieting fad. The New Year symbolizes the birth of hope, and the renewal of life.  Whatever path you are on may the road be cleared of debris and may the promise of tomorrow bring your hopes, dreams and goals one step closer to being realized in 2011.We will open the book again tomorrow. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day..write well..write often in the New Year.
 Much love and Peace and thanks for your visits and notes on my blogs …we have a nice community here on Tumblr and thank you all who visit regularly and the notes you leave are always articulate..insightful and full of perspective for me..makes me a better person to hear from all of you hereHappy New Year happy