Part 7: Erotic Closure

“Yield to Temptation … it may not pass your way again.”

Lazurus Long

July 5th

I awoke the next morning with a start. Reaching over to the other side of the bed I felt for Sarah but she was not there and then, in my groggy mental state, I realized why I had awoken. Sarah’s head was in my lap and she was softly using her soft mouth to draw my flaccid cock up gently, teasing it, pulling it softly longer. Immediately I began to respond and with each draw of suction from her mouth she was rewarded with an ever increasing erection. When I was fully erect she turned her face to me and smiled demurely.

“Time for breakfast in bed,” she asked softly.

I nodded and using one hand gently pressed her hair down to my crotch as a signal to continue. She continued her soft ministrations of pleasure for me and my thighs stiffened at the sheer pleasure she was bestowing on me. I watched her and then propped my head up on a bunched up pillow so I could see her sucking me better and she pulled a wisp of her hair from her face to let me see her soft lips slide up and down my shaft.

I could not resist touching her and asked her to move her legs closer to me so I could caress her legs and ass as she sucked me. I marveled at the tone of her legs and grabbed an ankle and pulled her legs open and slid one finger between her pussy lips and began to caress her slowly in time with her head movements as she serviced me. Her clit was wonderfully hard and I teased it gently and then wet my finger and pressed a little harder, eliciting a moan from her. Sarah opened her legs more and I noticed the way her muscles tensed making her thighs and clalves look so shapely. I felt her hand cover mine and she drew it back under her so it was resting in the crack of her ass. I gently began to caress her anus with my forefinger and then drew it back to my mouth and wet my finger and slid it back. She moaned and took me deeply in her mouth and because of her renewed sucking I knew she wanted more. I pulled her over on top of me into the 69 position and began to lap her pussy. Her scent was a mixture of arousal and the remnants of our lovemaking from the night before and I licked her, flicking my tongue gently between the folds of her labia and then took a long lick past her perineum and rolled my tongue and began to lick and press it against her asshole.

Her back arched and her head came up and through gasps of breath she said, “Oh God. Bruce!”

I pulled her to me and began to lick her ass ravenously. She stayed upright and began to masturbate my cock as I loved her ass.

My mind reflected back to our conversation last night and Sarah sharing some of the things she wanted to experience. In her upbringing she had experienced that WASPish taboo about anal sex and had shared her mixed feelings about this. Her talk was tentative and stilted until she related a scene in a movie on a VHS tape she found under her son’s bed. Out of curiosity she had viewed part of the tape and one of the first scenes showed an actress being made love to anally. She had snapped the TV off and returned the tape to its original location but that night had masturbated imagining the scene replacing the actress with herself in her mind’s eye. She had felt deeply guilty and dirty afterwards but had harboured a latent fascination for that sex act. And now she was permitting me – urging me – to touch and pleasure her!

I had to suppress my urge to roll from under her and take her but instead I stopped and asked her to kiss me. She slid into my waiting arms and we kissed softly and slowly and then I stood up and told her to take a comfortable position standing up and bent over slightly. She got off the bed and positioned a chair and held the chair back and bent over. I kneeled and licked her some more and then fetched some lube from my luggage and spread some over my finger.

“Now,” I said as I placed my finger against her anal bud, “push your hips back at your own pace and pressure.” She moved back slowly against my finger and the tip entered her and I used my other hand to gently rub her sodden pussy. She grimaced a bit and pulled her hips forward and then slid them back. Sarah accepted my finger up to the first knuckle and her hips began to move slowly back and forth. She looked back at me and smiled a reassuring smile and she stopped and I began to tongue her some more but now I began to rim her and enter her with my tongue. Her hand came back to my head and she pressed it in towards her body. She was moaning now and I pulled one of her hands to me and put some lube on her index finger and placed it on her ass. Tentatively she moved it inside her and she began to masturbate herself gently. I slid under her and licked her and her hips moved down to my wanton mouth. We made love like that for a while and then her hand moved down and pushed me away from her and saying softly, “Some more please,” I moved in behind her and pressed my finger inside her. “More,” she asked and I responded by sliding my finger inside her.

I stopped and asked how she was doing and she nodded that she was OK. I put my other hand’s fingers inside her pussy and pressed firmly on her g-spot and began to masturbate her. I could feel the spongy ribbed spot clearly and she moved her hips to meet my hand movements. More rapidly she move and then she let out a deep moan and collapsed to the floor. I kept my hand inside her pussy and my finger in her ass as she took deep heaving breathes as the orgasm subsided.

“That…was…amazing Bruce.”

“Baby steps sexy. Baby steps.”

I slipped my finger out of her ass and sidled up to her on the carpet and she kissed me deeply. She stopped and looked at me, “I am going to want more, aren’t I?” she said mischievously.

“Oh God, I hope so.”

We stopped our lovemaking and shared a shower together, luxuriating in the glow of the night before and the morning after. We had the room for the entire weekend and were in no hurry to step out for food or drink and as we toweled off together letting the deep pile of the towels invigorate our skin Sarah inquired what I would like to do during the day.


“And,” she asked.

“Fuck some more.”

We laughed at this and decided to go out for a drive. It was a stunning day and not one we wanted to waste. Sarah dressed in private and then came out of the bathroom and twirled around to show me her Hawaiian print halter sundress. She matching red wedge heel sandals and I noted the coffee coloured stockings she was wearing.

“How do I look,” she asked.


“Good, now let’s go.”

We got in the car and she directed me from the winery down to the Loyalist Parkway. Turning east she directed me to Long Point Road and we drove to the end and parked. There was a trail along the shore line and we walked together hand in hand and simply enjoyed the soft west wind and the sun. Sarah seemed reflective in her thoughts and I did not want to encroach on them as we walked. Sometimes silence is its own reward. I wanted to respect her reflections. So much had happened in the past couple of days I feared that she may have been having some second thoughts.

Eventually the path petered out to grass and we stopped and admired the view. Sarah slid into the crux of my shoulder and I held her firmly to me. Sarah turned back towards the return path and taking my hand we began our walk back.

Being famished because of missing breakfast we had a light lunch at Angeline’s in Bloomfield. The meal hit the spot and we drove back to the winery and purchased a Chardonnay and retired to our cottage. I opened the wine and we toasted each other and both of us took a long draw from our wine glasses.

I set my glass down and then gently pulled her hand down so she would as well. I pulled Sarah to me and her eyes opened wide and with understanding. I pushed her skirt up and in 3 strides had her against the wall. We were kissing passionately and I fumbled for my fly and opened my pants and they dropped to the floor. Sarah pulled my turgid cock out the side of my boxer shorts and I hiked her body up and she wrapped her legs around me. I carried her over to the bed and dropped her on it and pulled her legs open. She was wearing sheer white panties and as I pulled harshly on the fine material they gave way with a soft tearing sound.

I kneeled on the bed and pulled her to me by her legs and she guided me into her. My hand went to her neck and I pinioned it against the firm mattress and pressed hard and began to fuck her. She gasped and ran her hands over her breasts and I tore the halter strap and pulled the top down exposing her bra. Sliding my hands under the bottom center of the bra I pulled up vigorously snapping the clasp that held it together. My head dropped to her soft breasts bouncing from the pounding I was giving her and I took one nipple in my mouth and bit on it hard. She cried out and I slid over to the other breast and bit it harder. Drawing my body up I grasped both breasts and squeezed the hard looking intently in her face. Her face was fixed in a mute defiance but her eyes were oddly soft and accepting.

I dropped down and kissed her hungrily and slid my cock all the way out and slammed my hips hard into hers. She gave a deep moan and I slammed her again and again, creating a tattoo of bed springs giving way to this fucking. With each thrust I was moving her bodily up the bed and then her head hit the headboard. Her hands went out to press her away from it and I grabbed her wrist and bore down on her hard.

She whispered hoarsely between thrusts, “I…am…your…slut!”

Her prompting made me want her more. I pulled out and rolled her on her front and she moved onto her hands and knees. I entered her from behind and pulled her hair taut and began to fuck her doggy style. Her legs splayed and began to collapse and I wrapped my arm around her hips and pushed in deep. Sarah turned her head to me, her mouth is a sexy slutty pout and her make up was smeared. I pulled her up to me so I could feel her back against my chest and her hands reached back and pulled my face to hers and we kissed.

“Hurt me with your cock bastard!”

She was learning…learning what to say to provoke passion from me.

I pulled out and the little slut moaned her disappointment. We had had enough to tenderness. Now was time for wanton sex. I stood by the bed and she lay down with her head over the edge and opened her mouth to me. I slid my cock in her mouth and grasped her head firmly. She began to gag and her legs flayed around. I released the pressure and then administered more and her legs flayed again. I pulled out from her mouth with a distinctive ‘pop’ and slid the tip across her face and lips and then entered her mouth again. She had my balls in one hand gently cupping them, massaging them, feeling their fullness. I pumped her mouth several times and pulled out and stepped away from the bed.

She rolled off the bed and stood before me. Her dress was a shambles and she stood with her head down, silent. I moved to her and ripped the rest of it off exposing her body. Now she was in her garter belt, stockings and shoes, her body bared to me. I pulled her to me, sliding my hands under her garter straps and heaved outwards snapping some of the garter clips and ripping one of the straps off her belt. She stepped back and kneeled before me and I began to masturbate for her. She opened her lipstick smeared lips waiting to accept my cum and with all the tension in my body from fucking my new found slut it took only a few strokes. I came. A shot spurted out and fell on her face, across one eye and then a fuller shot splattered against her hairline and forehead. Sarah reached up and milked my cock taking each small offering on her tongue. I rubbed my cum over her face, messing up her eye shadow and liner. She looked quite a sight compared to that innocent women I knew just days before.

Sarah began to lick hungrily at my cock but the nerve endings activated from fucking her and cumming sent sharp jolts of pleasure through me that were too much to bear. I held her face off my cock and she pouted and I knelt down and kissed her. I pulled her up and we both walked unsteadily to a mirror and we looked at ourselves.

“Look what you have made me,” Sarah said softly.

“I think you had a part of you that was always like that. You just needed me to find it.”

“Yes,” Sarah said and she pulled me to the bed…

We cuddled in the warm afternoon light and lay on the cool fresh sheets. Sarah had left the remnants of her garter belt on and her hose had slid down her thighs. We talked at length and I was worried that my aggression during our last lovemaking was not to her liking and she was masking her true feelings. But as we talked and disclosed more about each other Sarah enlightened me with some of her desires. Her head lay on my chest and she massaged me as we talked.

“You know Bruce,” she offered, “I may have grown up protected from more worldly view of the world and had a single simple and conventional lover in my husband but that has never fully given my sexuality full expression. I have to admit being shocked to find out about some of the porn my son used to watch but I slowly came to realize that what I was sexually was not being given full expression and when your uncle died there was simply no outlet. Being from a small town and lacking privacy because of my involvement in the community I felt I never truly had the freedom to “let myself loose” as it were. This week with you has given me so much and I want to explore more but am beginning to feel selfish because of all the learning I am experiencing.”

She paused and looked up at me. “I would like to offer you something. I feel I am holding you back.”

I pulled her closer to me and kissed her forehead. My mind whirled at the events over the preceding days. What was at first a week of work and companionship had turned to one of sexual exploration and love. My aunt was now my lover and even though she was in her 50s desired more exploration and experimentation with me. Our time was drawing short. I had to leave in 2 days. And there was so much to share and do with each other. Not only was helping her in her sexual awakening a wonderful experience but I adored her companionship. I closed my eyes and breathed in her scent. It was a mixture of sandalwood and vanilla and I think she had this hint of scent because of the potpourri she used in her dresser drawers. I knew that from now on I would associate those scents with her.

As I considered her offer my hands slid up and down her back. She nuzzled in closer and whispered as she kissed my ear lobe softly, “Anything…”

“Sarah, I want to experience a fantasy you have had.”

“Ohhh…,” she sighed, “really? I have a couple that I would love to do.”

“Then pick the naughtiest one and tell me about it.” Sarah licked my ear lobe once more and began to tell me about it.


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