Emily’s Home, Part 2

Emily’s Home, Part 2
(Part 1 available here)

frontI was on my back, my arms over my head, bound to the headboard with a leather belt Emily wrapped around my wrists. Quick, but effective bondage. Emily looked down at me, at my body, at my chest, covered with a satin camisole. “You thought you were going to tease me, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” I admitted, almost blushing, not caring.

“Well it worked. But I’m turning the tables on you, Sara. Tease me? All I could think about since last night was getting my hands on you, touching you, kissing you. Now you want to tease me? Like you’re going to be in charge?” She said this resting on my thighs, below my tap panties, resting on my stocking tops.

“Fair is fair,” I retorted.

“Yes it is. But I’m not the one tied to the bed, am I? I don’t think I’m the one that is going to be teased tonight, my pretty.” She ran a finger over my chest, between the breasts I had, down to my stomach, touching the soft camisole.

“Emily, I…I had fun when I got home a couple of weeks ago, I just wanted to do the same for you,” I answered, feeling as if I needed to defend myself. What was wrong with that? With wanting to give her the same thing she gave me? I enjoyed her seduction of me, I just wanted to seduce her.

“Do you think I’m mad at you?”

“I…I’m not sure.”

“Mad at you? Mad? Sara, I’m so incredibly turned on right now I’m afraid I’m going to hurt you.” Her fingers traced their way down my stomach, lower. I jerked at the sensation, feeling the energy from her soft touch shoot through my stomach, to my loins.

I sucked in a quick breath. “I thought you were mad,” I whispered

She leaned down, her real breasts pressed into my breast forms. She whispered in my ear. “I’m going to tease you, sissy. You wanted to excite me? You did. Now you’re going to deal with it. Ready?”

I had a vision of her touching me, fucking me, and I wanted it. Now. Terribly. Instead, Emily climbed off me, stood up, just looked at me.

“What,” I asked, wanting her touch back.

“You want me, don’t you? You want me to touch you?”

“Yes, of course yes.”

“Hmmm, think about how badly you want me to touch you, sweetie. You thought you were going to tease me? No, Sara, no. Think about how bad you want me. I’ll be back in a little bit. You just think about me.”

I almost laughed. My plan had been to seduce Emily, to tease Emily, to make her want me so badly that she was wild with desire. I’d kind of had that effect on her. Only, I’d driven her wild enough that she turned the tables on me. I was the one being teased. I was the one who was now wild with desire. Fuck, I wanted her back in here NOW.

I noticed the clock when she left the room. 7:48. I watched it.




Fuck, what was she doing? I wanted her. I needed her. “Em,” I called out very softly.


“Emily,” I called, louder.


I realized that I had been erect in my satin tap panties since she left the room. I was so excited, so outrageously horny, it was not funny.

8:12 Emily walked back into the bedroom.

BackMy eyes widened seeing how she was dressed. “You’re not the only one with a secret outfit to wear, sweetie.”

Emily. My dear Emily. My dominant Emily.

I looked at her, her legs in black nylons, her heels, her bare skin, her covered skin.

I looked at her arms, wrapped gently in black gloves that went over her elbow.

I looked at her and felt a soft moan escape my from my lips. An hour ago I’d been the one in control, in power. Now, I was weak, helpless, at her mercy.

“I want to make you suffer. I want to make you beg,” she said, moving to the end of the bed by my feet. She lifted one of her legs up onto the bed, touching her heel against mine, her stocking covered foot against my stocking covered foot. “Do you want me to fuck you, is that what you want?”

I was pulled my arms, tugged at the belt holding them over my head. I wanted to get up, grab her, throw her on the bed, ravage her. I forgot Sara. The boy part of me began flowing, yearning. “Yes, yes,” I groaned, tugging again.

A wide smile spread over Em’s face. “Well you can’t. Not now. Not yet. You don’t want it enough, you don’t want me enough.” Emily climbed up onto the end of the bed, on her hands and knees, looked me in the eye. “You want me so badly, don’t you?”

“Fuck, Emily.” I felt my organ twitching, rubbing against the satin.

“You’re not a man today, not dressed like that. You wanted to be a woman. You wanted to be pretty. You wanted to seduce me. You picked Sara. If you were a man, I’d untie you and let you fuck me, but you’re not a man, you choose to be a woman. You picked soft, satin, pretty, feminine.”

I was panting. It had been mere minutes since she walked into the room, yet already I was panting. The site of her, the smell of her, the feel of her, pushed me, engaged me.

She lifted one of her legs on top of one of mine, rubbed it back and forth, nylon covered leg touching nylon covered leg. “You could have been a boy for me today, but you picked sissy. You wanted to be a woman. Women touch each other like this. Women are soft, seductive. Men fuck women, women make love to women. This is what you wanted, isn’t it? To feel this, to feel my leg touching yours?”

She fucking knows what that does to me. She totally fucking knows what the feel of our mutually nylon covered legs touching does to me. It makes me melt. It makes me swoon. It makes me feel nothing but feminine feelings. She fucking knows that she’s making me think like Sara, not a boy. She knows.

“Confused, sweetie? Can’t decide if you want to fuck me or if you want to make love to me? Boy or girl? Male or sissy? Which are you today?”

“You’re not playing fair,” I said, eyes closed.

“I know. I’m going to get worse, that’s what’s so bad for you.” She was back on her hands and knees, crawling seductively up the bed, lightly blowing and kissing my stocking, my leg, upward, until she was at the edge of my tap panties.

“You know, Sara, how much I love making love to another girl, how much I love the soft feel, the tenderness,” she said, looking me in the eye, kissing the inside of my thigh, licking lightly the satin panties. “It’s so different than fucking a man.” Emily moved her hand up, lightly touched the outline of my penis in the panties. “A woman is so tender, so gentle, a man so hard, so violent. I so much love having another woman.”

“Do remember the last time you tried to fuck me, like a man. You know, as a man?”

“Emily,” I said, sharply, almost, not quite, yelling.”

Emily ignored me, reached into my panties, wrapped her soft hand around my erection. “What did I say? You remember, don’t you?”

“Emily,” I gasped, her hand touching me distracting me from the thoughts forming in my mind. “That…that’s not fair. We hadn’t

“I know, I wasn’t playing fair then either, was I? I just couldn’t resists, Sara, I couldn’t make myself stop.”

We both knew exactly what she said. We both knew exactly what happened the last time we screwed like a man and woman. She didn’t play fair then. She was mean. She tormented me.

The last time, I was on top of her, after spending an hour licking her. She was so sensitive. I was on top of her, teasing her, trying to make her beg for me to enter her. I was rubbing myself on the outside of her lips, over the wetness, pushing just the tip into her. “You want me to beg for it, don’t you,” she asked, shaking as another orgasm crashed through her.

“Yes,” I whispered that last time we screwed.

She was clenching her teeth, looking me in the eye. It was like it was a contest, who would blink first. Would I blink first and push myself into her or would she, would she beg me. Who would surrender. Who was stronger?

We were having a test of wills. She knew I wanted to feel her, to feel her warmth all over me. She knew I was close to forgetting about her and pushing myself in, thrusting. I knew she was close to needing it, needing to be filled. Who would surrender? Who would give in?

Emily’s eyes shook. Her mouth opened. I felt the corner of my mouth turn up. I knew I’d won. She was about to give in, about to tell me, to beg me to enter her.

Then she spoke. “Maybe I’d beg,” she panted, “if you weren’t so small.”

I felt my arms shaking. No, no. This isn’t fair. I was winning. She knew. She knew!

“I’d beg if you were a real man.”

That was too much. Without even thinking, I shifted ever so slightly, shifted, and pushed myself into her and we both moaned, both shook and on the second thrust, I exploded, could not hold back for even another second.

“So small,” she said, having another mini orgasm at the same time I exploded.

I thrust, a third deep thrust, then stopped. “You…you came already,” she asked. “That was so fast.”

I shook, her words humiliating me, exciting me.

“You remember last time, don’t you,” she asked me again, bringing me back to reality, to the present.

“Yes,” I swallowed.

“We’re not going to have a repeat of that, I’m going to make sure of that…”

(To be continued…)


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