Part 8: Erotic Closure

“Darling, a true lady takes off her dignity with her clothes and does her whorish best. At other times you can be as modest and dignified as your persona requires.”

Lazurus Long

July 6th

The next morning we got up early and packed and headed back to Sarah’s home. It was good that the drive was not too far because there was an air of mutual expectation. Sarah had shared the one fantasy she had considered the naughtiest and we had spent part of that afternoon and evening planning it out. We only had today to make it become real as I had to leave the following day. We got home and deposited our things in her room and then set about preparing for the fantasy.

For my part I had to go out and do a little shopping. Luckily what I needed was easily obtainable at a dollar and hardware store. She had to do some shopping as well and we organized meeting back at her house the 2:00 PM. We met up and I was to then leave her house first and then meet her at an appointed time and place. I drove over to the location agreed upon and then found a place to park my car and then waited.

Waiting for her was a mixture of raw excitement, expectation and eagerness. It was so difficult to sit there motionless. My physical arousal was to the point of discomfort and I considered addressing my baser needs immediately but at the same time I recognized that the waiting and the angst that came from wanting the next car to come down the road be hers only served to make the playing out of our fantasy more powerful. Shifting from side-to-side and searching about my car for some distraction like a magazine I was compelled to open the glove-box and begin reading my car’s Owners Manual. I was definitely in a state!

As I read my mind calmed and I began to have short intense reveries of Sarah. Not just this past week but the other times and somehow one thing came to mind above all the wonderful images – Her smile and her flashing beautiful eyes. I had to begin and wonder if my primary motivation was to “get some” but my mind always came back to her. What we had, what we may become was based on something more than raw passion. I placed the manual down and closed my eyes and a wistful smile developed, like the spreading of spilled milk on a table cloth, over my face. I wondered if she felt the same way too.

Almost an hour past and then her car came into view. It stopped and Sarah got out and took some pictures and then got in the car and proceeded into Trenton. I followed at a discrete distance because Sarah’s fantasy was about her being a spy. I was member of the security service and had suspected her of being an agent. My “job” was to tail her and at an opportune time, a time that was to be random and not predetermined, I was to arrest her and then take her to a “safe house” for interrogation. Sarah had given me a rough idea of her route and timing and now I was following her. She had taken some pictures of the air force base and now with that “incriminating evidence” I had reason to arrest her.

Her car proceeded into town and then returned, after pulling through a parking lot, back towards the base. She had probably done this to shake anyone tailing her but I had anticipated this and pulled off the main street when I saw her turn indicator blinking. I waited for her to pass and followed her again about 100 yards back. Her car turned into a local watering hole near the base and I parked down the road and got out and walked to the bar to observe her.

Entering the darkened bar I saw Sarah sitting on a bar stool beside a pilot in his flight suite. It was the first look I had of her in detail since I had left the house and she was dressed very provocatively. She had on a dark grey pencil skirt with a slit in the middle front. She wore a wine red Charmeuse blouse to accent the skirt and glancing down I saw she was wearing black seamed stockings with a Cuban heel. To finish this ensemble she had on a pair of red fading to black at the rear Ombre 4 ½ inch stiletto shoes. She looked quite the sight and very sexy. I took a seat in the shadows were I could observe her and she talked up the pilot. Sarah was being very demonstrative. She would touch his shoulder and move closer to him. I gauged his age at about mid-thirties and it was obvious he was interested in her. She was being a terrible flirt and watching her made me a bit jealous but aroused at the same time.

After about 20 minutes she shifted her seat and it was obvious that she was shielding him from anyone else’s view so as to put his hand on her knee. I could only imagine his hand sliding up, up her skirt and finding the stocking thicken at the run guard and then the welt. Maybe he was now touching her soft white skin of her thigh? I wanted this part to end soon. I wanted my hand there, not his. This titillation was not at all expected. Sarah had never mentioned anything like this and this was certainly bolder than I ever imagined her to be.

I had ordered a beer and was concentrating at peeling the label from the bottle when I noticed with a start she was leaving with the pilot. I put some money on the table and entered the vestibule of the bar and through the windows noted her getting into another car. It drove east on Highway 2 and I left to get to my car and follow. I pulled onto the road and gunned the engine and quickly acquired the new car. I could see his head behind the driver’s seat but I could not see hers. From the erratic speed the car was experiencing I could well imagine what was happening. The car was drawn deeper and deeper into the country and then turned off at a cemetery and drove to the rear of the cemetery plots. I parked in a spot by a chapel and proceeded on foot. Using the monuments and headstones as cover I was able to approach undetected. My curiosity and fascination with this new side of Sarah served to rationalize my voyeuristic need to see what was happening. I decided to approach on the passenger side reasoning that if she was giving him a blow job his mind and attention would be elsewhere.

As I approached the car I noticed she had put the window down. Probably to let me hear and see her better since the reflection of the door glass could hinder my view. I crawled the last 20 meters and was right under the window. I could hear him moan and Sarah mouth sucking on him. I moved up slowly in the blind spot beside the B-pillar and my eyes took in a wonderful sight.

Sarah’s head was in the pilot’s lap. She or he had unzipped the flight suite all the way and her head masked her ministrations on his cock but I could tell from her head movements she was fully engaged in sucking him. She was also coiled up on the passenger seat and her skirt was pulled up exposing her ass. She had on a garter belt but no panties and the pilot was caressing her ass. Slowly he drew his hand back and wet his finger and slid it inside her ass and began to finger fuck her ass as she blew him. It was more than obvious she was enjoying this attention. She must have began sucking his cock immediately upon entering the car because I could see the pilot was about to cum. Sarah took him very deep and he moaned loudly and grabbed her hair and thrust upwards once. He moaned and his body jerked as each load released from him and Sarah pulled her mouth off him and lay in his lap pressing his cock against her face. Rivulets of cum slid down his shaft over her fingers and she reached back to his wrist of the hand on her ass and pulled it to her face and sucked on the finger that had been fucking her ass.

As her face was about to turn upwards I darted down below the window sill and waited. I could hear the pilot complimenting her on her oral skills and it was more than obvious he wanted more. Who would blame him! I was in a quandary. I could confront her now and stop this or I could attempt to see what else would happen. This was her fantasy, not mine. I decided to wait it out. Whether I was discovered sooner or later was irrelevant. It all played into the basic outline of our fantasy.

I could see the car shifting as the occupants moved. The pilot was complimenting Sarah on her pleasuring of him. She replied coyly, “Anything for a boy in uniform. Anything…” I heard them kiss and from the sounds coming from the car the pilot was getting aroused again. I imagine Sarah’s soft hand around his member coaxing it to hardness. There was more movement and then I glanced up and saw Sarah’s hair. From my position it was evident she was kneeling on the front passenger seat facing rearward. I moved along the side of the car to the front and kneeled. Sarah had dropped the seat down and was on all fours. The pilot had dropped his flight suite down and was now moving behind her. His hands grasped her hips and he thrust forwards hard and began to fuck her. The car began to jounce and move. I shifted to get a better vantage point. God, I wish I could watch her face. The pilot was really hammering her and she was almost screaming at each thrust. Being primed from just having his cock sucked the pilot wasted no time in cumming. One final deep, deep thrust and he let out a muted growl and he came.

It was time to act. His and her guard would be down. I rose and shouted, “Sarah Rogers, get out of the car now!” The shock of my voice produced an almost comical result. The pilot, still in the process of after-sex recovery rolled into the driver’s seat and covered himself with his hands. Sarah turned with a start but I caught a glimmer of a wry smile from her. She was more composed as she was probably expecting my appearance sometime and she adroitly slid from her position and opened the door and got out. She smoothed her dress and I took her arm firmly. “Come with me.” I walked briskly away and Sarah followed stiltedly because of the height of her heels. When we were out of eyeshot of the pilot’s car I snapped on some dollar store handcuffs onto her wrists.

“You are coming with me. We know what you are and what you have been up to.” I let the rest of the walk be in silence except for sound of our footfalls on the gravel road to my car. Arriving there I opened the back and pushed Sarah into the back. I taped her mouth with duct tape and wrapped tape around her ankles and covered her with a blanket. Then I used a long scrap of towel to blindfold her and with a threat to her not to move I got in my car and drove off.

The drive back to the “safe house” was in silence. Sarah did not move and I backed my car into her driveway and opened the hatch. I helped her up and cut the tape off her ankles and led her around the back and down the stairs to her basement. I took her to the utility room where a chair was set in the center of the room and sat her down in it. I then taped one her legs to the corresponding chair leg and undid her cuffs and tied her wrists to the base of the chair. I left the tape over her mouth and the blindfold on. She was struggling a bit and I took a cold pail of water and doused her with it. Her blouse lay against her body showing the outline of her bra and her black stockings were soaked and gave off a light sheen.

I walked around Sarah and began to review the “facts” of my surveillance and that I was going to interrogate her to discover her handler. I removed her gag slowly and offered her a chance to talk and she remained stoically silent. Unbuttoning her blouse I exposed her bra and undid the center fastener letting the bra drop open and her breasts spill out. Tweaking her nipple with my finger I flicked them and they began to get hard. She was squirming deliciously in her chair and I stopped and her head cocked in the silence trying to anticipate the next sensation. I squeezed both nipples hard with my fingers and she let out a scream. I squeezed even harder demanding she speak but she defied me with her silence. I doused her again with water and then put a clothes peg on each nipple. I doused her again and the force of the water snapped the clothes pins off her nipples. She moaned again.

“Talk bitch or it will only get worse!”

Sarah nodded no and I slapped her face. “Now talk!” Again she defied my demands by her silence. I let her sit there and decided to change my tact. Since shocking cold water and some nipple play were not “working” I decided to give her the sexual equivalent of water-boarding. There was a spare coffee table in the basement and I went and got it and carried it in to the utility room. I fastened some cord to the legs and un-taped Sarah from the chair and led her to the table and lay her face up on it. Then I pulled up her skirt and tied her to the table so her legs were spread. What I uncovered pleased me. She had shaven herself bare and it was wonderful seeing her bare pussy. I wanted to lick and then fuck her pussy but the interrogation must continue.

Her head was bent over the hard edge of the table and I forced her mouth open. I slid my finger in her mouth to get some idea of were her gag reflex started and then undid my pants. She resisted me trying to put my cock in her mouth but I was able to force her mouth open and began pushing my hard cock inside her mouth. I drew it out and said, “Tell me what I want to know Sarah and the torture will stop.” Her head swayed back and forth in a ‘no’. “Then you need more convincing.” I pressed it in hard and she began to gag. I held it there and from her sounds I knew when to release. She gasped for breath and then I gagged her again. She refused to divulge her “secrets” at each attempt.

I stopped and checked in with her. I was a bit concerned for her as this was quite a transition from the woman I knew but a week before but she smile behind her blindfold and assured me she was OK. I was relieved and pleased and we decided to continue.

Her soft open mouth was simply too tempting. I supported her head with my hand and began to face fuck her slowly savoring her soft receptive mouth. From all the anticipation and build up to this fantasy I was bursting for release and released my load onto her face.

She was shivering and I got on my knees and hugged her feeling that I had gone to far.

“Are you alright,” I wondered.

Sarah moaned and then bucked against the restraints making the wood growl softly from the strain.

“I…I…OK. Just having an… an… orgasm,” she said between shudders.

“Oh baby, I can stop.”

“No. OK. I am OK. Just need a minute,” she offered.

I held her firmly and caressed her and softly let her know I loved her and she began to recover. She moved her head towards me and looked at me with a quite softness of a person accepting a fate. Maybe not a fate with negative consequences but a fate that involved experiences that involved pain in the derivation of more intense sexual pleasure and release.

“Do you love me,” she asked.

I nodded and kissed more tenderly than I had ever before. Our lips lingered pressed as if on onion paper not wanting to mar it. There was an electricity and connection that I had never felt from any woman before and it enveloped me.

“Please Bruce, I am ready.”

Sliding my hands over her taunt body I gently massaged her entire body. Connecting me to her and activating all her nerve endings I could reach. I slowly increased the pressure until the intensity grew to just before our last sensual episode.

I began to rub her pussy and as a moan of pleasure escaped her mouth (for she was attempting to be in character by now not giving any outward signs of enjoyment) I used that as a cue to spank her pussy. She bucked at the sudden shock and then I began to caress and play with her soft lips. Again a moan and a hard slap, harder than the previous one. How I loved the contrast of her black stockings and pale skin. The visual reminder of her stockings reminded me of how I came to admire their meaning when I thought of my aunt, my decadent lover. I took a moment to lick her clit lightly and then spanked her again and she bucked sharply at the last spank. A moan of pain came from her.

“Are you breaking down spy?” I observed. Again she shook her head no. It was time for more serious measures.

I untied her and helped her up and she sagged in my arms and we cuddled as she recovered. She kissed me lightly and voiced her willingness to continue. I held her wrists fast behind her back and led her to the basement washroom. I turned the water on cold and set it to shower and told her to get in the tub after kicking her shoes off. As the cold water deluged her I took off her blouse and skirt leaving her naked except for her stockings and garter belt. There was a long run in one leg now. I helped her out of the tub and motioned for her to put her shoes back on. Handcuffing her wrist together I led her back to the utility room. Pushing her to the floor so she was kneeling in front of the coffee table I removed one of her shoes.

“Now we know all about your activities in this area. We have documentation and pictures of you contacting various military contractors and personnel. We know you have seduced several air force pilots to gain information on important transport flights. This interrogation will stop if you give me the name of your handler.”

“Never,” Sarah replied, “will I give you what you want.”

“So be it.”

By now I was hurting I was so erect. The anticipation of playing out the fantasy coupled with the sharing of Sarah’s desires which she had shared with me the night before. It had surprised me to hear her relate a long, deep seated fantasy about being a femme fatale spy. With the trust we had shared from our week together and all our experiences had melded into a climax. What we were sharing was a culmination of deep seated desires suppressed and unexpressed. I had become Sarah’s sexual muse and enabler.

Taking the high heeled shoe from the stiletto heel I began to whip her ass with it. She bucked upright and a firm hand on her neck gave notice to her she was not to move. I spanked her ass hard again and she let out a sharp yelp. I applied one more with more force with the others and as the sole of the shoe struck her the heel broke off in my hand. I removed the other shoe and whipped her ass with it until red imprints of the sole began to rise angrily from her white flesh. She was writhing and moaning with each blow and I stopped.

“Now, tell me!” I demanded my face close to her’s.

“Never you bastard, NEVER!”

With that response I rose and unfastened the cuffs and tied her wrist to the table so her front lay over the top. I stood in front of her and grabbed her hair. “Look at me!” My cock was completely and uncompromisingly rigid and perpendicular to my body, I moved in behind her. I spat on my cock and then on her ass and pushed hard inside her. She screamed at the rough, uncompromising pressure and I grabbed her hair.

“Yes, this is how we treat spies!”

Sarah’s hips bucked and I held them fast with my hands. I pressed forwards and her body tried to move forward in a vain attempt to prevent her virgin ass from accepting my cock. Her movement only made me more determined. Finally I was in, my skin touching the sensual roundness of her ass. I held myself there, savoring the firm hold her ass had on my cock. My cock was in spasm in anticipation of fucking her ass and she could feel it. She moaned deeply with a satisfaction borne of pleasure and a taboo dismissed forever. Beginning by moving slowly she began to experience anal sex. Now that I was inside her I began to love her ass slowly and deliberately taking every sensation from every nerve ending being transmitted to my brain and reveling in my possession of her ass. Sarah turned to watch me and her eyes were sharing a knowing…a knowing that one of her most intimate and secret wishes had been granted.

Sliding in and out of her ass, seeing her there looking at me brought me to a deep, satisfying climax. I pulled her to me and imbedded my cock as deep in her as possible and felt my cock spasm and my mind grayed out. Collapsing on her I wished I could untie her to feel her arms around me but had to be satisfied with her bare back and my chest touching together. My spasms died away and I slowly withdrew, enjoying the sight of my cock exiting her ass. The tip glistened with my cum and I walked awkwardly on my knees to in front of her and kissed Sarah deeply and with an impending feeling of sadness because our time was near an end.

Sarah disengaged from kissing me. “I’m hungry,” she said. Not at first understanding her meaning I was about to comment on untying her and making a snack but she smile saucily and opened her mouth. I rose to meet her mouth as her head moved down over my cock. I smiled and closed my eyes. Would the wonders of Sarah never cease…


I have left Sarah several hours ago and I suddenly realized I had lost my way. My mind was a rattling cacophony of images, sights and sounds. I had this feeling I had lived an entire year in less than a week. I am sitting now at a park overlooking Lake Simcoe and the sun is setting. As I write this tears stain my eyes and slide down my cheeks.

I miss her already. I long for her already. The impossibility of being truly hers and her being truly mine is hammering at my conscience and pressing against my chest and soul.

Getting out of the car I shed my shoes and walk into the cool water, hands in pockets, looking down and the amazing variable waves and wonder if I see one that looks exactly like one I have seen before that that will be a sign of the impossible being possible.

It is dark now. I cannot see the waves now. I know that no two waves will be the same.

The park is empty. The families reveling in the summer heat are gone and only I am left. I open the car door and sit down hard in the seat and a smile flashes over my face.

Her present! I forgot about the present. I reached back and rummage through my stuff and find it. A crisply wrapped rectangular box. The wrapping is a soft pink and I slip the tape open preserving the paper and open the lid. Some tissue paper masks her gift and there is a card on top. I open the card:

“Dear Love,

I almost did not write you. It is not because I have nothing to say but because I too have so much to say. You, dear man, let me feel for the first time in an eternity and for that I will always be in your debt.

I have no idea what the future holds for me, you, or us. But I do so treasure you. It has been years since I have read Shelley and I think this poem sums up a little of what I feel about us.

The fountains mingle with the river,
And the rivers with the ocean;
The winds of heaven mix forever
With a sweet emotion;
Nothing in the world is single;
All things by a law divine
In another’s being mingle–
Why not I with thine?

See, the mountains kiss high heaven,
And the waves clasp one another;
No sister flower could be forgiven
If it disdained its brother;
And the sunlight clasps the earth,
And the moonbeams kiss the sea;–
What are all these kissings worth,
If thou kiss not me?



Opening the tissue paper there-in lay a pair of stockings. I lifted the box slowly up to meet my lowering face and drew in her scent. I touched them once softly, closed the note and put the lid on the box and my head slumped down and the sounds of soft anguish now fill my car.

Part 7: Erotic Closure

“Yield to Temptation … it may not pass your way again.”

Lazurus Long

July 5th

I awoke the next morning with a start. Reaching over to the other side of the bed I felt for Sarah but she was not there and then, in my groggy mental state, I realized why I had awoken. Sarah’s head was in my lap and she was softly using her soft mouth to draw my flaccid cock up gently, teasing it, pulling it softly longer. Immediately I began to respond and with each draw of suction from her mouth she was rewarded with an ever increasing erection. When I was fully erect she turned her face to me and smiled demurely.

“Time for breakfast in bed,” she asked softly.

I nodded and using one hand gently pressed her hair down to my crotch as a signal to continue. She continued her soft ministrations of pleasure for me and my thighs stiffened at the sheer pleasure she was bestowing on me. I watched her and then propped my head up on a bunched up pillow so I could see her sucking me better and she pulled a wisp of her hair from her face to let me see her soft lips slide up and down my shaft.

I could not resist touching her and asked her to move her legs closer to me so I could caress her legs and ass as she sucked me. I marveled at the tone of her legs and grabbed an ankle and pulled her legs open and slid one finger between her pussy lips and began to caress her slowly in time with her head movements as she serviced me. Her clit was wonderfully hard and I teased it gently and then wet my finger and pressed a little harder, eliciting a moan from her. Sarah opened her legs more and I noticed the way her muscles tensed making her thighs and clalves look so shapely. I felt her hand cover mine and she drew it back under her so it was resting in the crack of her ass. I gently began to caress her anus with my forefinger and then drew it back to my mouth and wet my finger and slid it back. She moaned and took me deeply in her mouth and because of her renewed sucking I knew she wanted more. I pulled her over on top of me into the 69 position and began to lap her pussy. Her scent was a mixture of arousal and the remnants of our lovemaking from the night before and I licked her, flicking my tongue gently between the folds of her labia and then took a long lick past her perineum and rolled my tongue and began to lick and press it against her asshole.

Her back arched and her head came up and through gasps of breath she said, “Oh God. Bruce!”

I pulled her to me and began to lick her ass ravenously. She stayed upright and began to masturbate my cock as I loved her ass.

My mind reflected back to our conversation last night and Sarah sharing some of the things she wanted to experience. In her upbringing she had experienced that WASPish taboo about anal sex and had shared her mixed feelings about this. Her talk was tentative and stilted until she related a scene in a movie on a VHS tape she found under her son’s bed. Out of curiosity she had viewed part of the tape and one of the first scenes showed an actress being made love to anally. She had snapped the TV off and returned the tape to its original location but that night had masturbated imagining the scene replacing the actress with herself in her mind’s eye. She had felt deeply guilty and dirty afterwards but had harboured a latent fascination for that sex act. And now she was permitting me – urging me – to touch and pleasure her!

I had to suppress my urge to roll from under her and take her but instead I stopped and asked her to kiss me. She slid into my waiting arms and we kissed softly and slowly and then I stood up and told her to take a comfortable position standing up and bent over slightly. She got off the bed and positioned a chair and held the chair back and bent over. I kneeled and licked her some more and then fetched some lube from my luggage and spread some over my finger.

“Now,” I said as I placed my finger against her anal bud, “push your hips back at your own pace and pressure.” She moved back slowly against my finger and the tip entered her and I used my other hand to gently rub her sodden pussy. She grimaced a bit and pulled her hips forward and then slid them back. Sarah accepted my finger up to the first knuckle and her hips began to move slowly back and forth. She looked back at me and smiled a reassuring smile and she stopped and I began to tongue her some more but now I began to rim her and enter her with my tongue. Her hand came back to my head and she pressed it in towards her body. She was moaning now and I pulled one of her hands to me and put some lube on her index finger and placed it on her ass. Tentatively she moved it inside her and she began to masturbate herself gently. I slid under her and licked her and her hips moved down to my wanton mouth. We made love like that for a while and then her hand moved down and pushed me away from her and saying softly, “Some more please,” I moved in behind her and pressed my finger inside her. “More,” she asked and I responded by sliding my finger inside her.

I stopped and asked how she was doing and she nodded that she was OK. I put my other hand’s fingers inside her pussy and pressed firmly on her g-spot and began to masturbate her. I could feel the spongy ribbed spot clearly and she moved her hips to meet my hand movements. More rapidly she move and then she let out a deep moan and collapsed to the floor. I kept my hand inside her pussy and my finger in her ass as she took deep heaving breathes as the orgasm subsided.

“That…was…amazing Bruce.”

“Baby steps sexy. Baby steps.”

I slipped my finger out of her ass and sidled up to her on the carpet and she kissed me deeply. She stopped and looked at me, “I am going to want more, aren’t I?” she said mischievously.

“Oh God, I hope so.”

We stopped our lovemaking and shared a shower together, luxuriating in the glow of the night before and the morning after. We had the room for the entire weekend and were in no hurry to step out for food or drink and as we toweled off together letting the deep pile of the towels invigorate our skin Sarah inquired what I would like to do during the day.


“And,” she asked.

“Fuck some more.”

We laughed at this and decided to go out for a drive. It was a stunning day and not one we wanted to waste. Sarah dressed in private and then came out of the bathroom and twirled around to show me her Hawaiian print halter sundress. She matching red wedge heel sandals and I noted the coffee coloured stockings she was wearing.

“How do I look,” she asked.


“Good, now let’s go.”

We got in the car and she directed me from the winery down to the Loyalist Parkway. Turning east she directed me to Long Point Road and we drove to the end and parked. There was a trail along the shore line and we walked together hand in hand and simply enjoyed the soft west wind and the sun. Sarah seemed reflective in her thoughts and I did not want to encroach on them as we walked. Sometimes silence is its own reward. I wanted to respect her reflections. So much had happened in the past couple of days I feared that she may have been having some second thoughts.

Eventually the path petered out to grass and we stopped and admired the view. Sarah slid into the crux of my shoulder and I held her firmly to me. Sarah turned back towards the return path and taking my hand we began our walk back.

Being famished because of missing breakfast we had a light lunch at Angeline’s in Bloomfield. The meal hit the spot and we drove back to the winery and purchased a Chardonnay and retired to our cottage. I opened the wine and we toasted each other and both of us took a long draw from our wine glasses.

I set my glass down and then gently pulled her hand down so she would as well. I pulled Sarah to me and her eyes opened wide and with understanding. I pushed her skirt up and in 3 strides had her against the wall. We were kissing passionately and I fumbled for my fly and opened my pants and they dropped to the floor. Sarah pulled my turgid cock out the side of my boxer shorts and I hiked her body up and she wrapped her legs around me. I carried her over to the bed and dropped her on it and pulled her legs open. She was wearing sheer white panties and as I pulled harshly on the fine material they gave way with a soft tearing sound.

I kneeled on the bed and pulled her to me by her legs and she guided me into her. My hand went to her neck and I pinioned it against the firm mattress and pressed hard and began to fuck her. She gasped and ran her hands over her breasts and I tore the halter strap and pulled the top down exposing her bra. Sliding my hands under the bottom center of the bra I pulled up vigorously snapping the clasp that held it together. My head dropped to her soft breasts bouncing from the pounding I was giving her and I took one nipple in my mouth and bit on it hard. She cried out and I slid over to the other breast and bit it harder. Drawing my body up I grasped both breasts and squeezed the hard looking intently in her face. Her face was fixed in a mute defiance but her eyes were oddly soft and accepting.

I dropped down and kissed her hungrily and slid my cock all the way out and slammed my hips hard into hers. She gave a deep moan and I slammed her again and again, creating a tattoo of bed springs giving way to this fucking. With each thrust I was moving her bodily up the bed and then her head hit the headboard. Her hands went out to press her away from it and I grabbed her wrist and bore down on her hard.

She whispered hoarsely between thrusts, “I…am…your…slut!”

Her prompting made me want her more. I pulled out and rolled her on her front and she moved onto her hands and knees. I entered her from behind and pulled her hair taut and began to fuck her doggy style. Her legs splayed and began to collapse and I wrapped my arm around her hips and pushed in deep. Sarah turned her head to me, her mouth is a sexy slutty pout and her make up was smeared. I pulled her up to me so I could feel her back against my chest and her hands reached back and pulled my face to hers and we kissed.

“Hurt me with your cock bastard!”

She was learning…learning what to say to provoke passion from me.

I pulled out and the little slut moaned her disappointment. We had had enough to tenderness. Now was time for wanton sex. I stood by the bed and she lay down with her head over the edge and opened her mouth to me. I slid my cock in her mouth and grasped her head firmly. She began to gag and her legs flayed around. I released the pressure and then administered more and her legs flayed again. I pulled out from her mouth with a distinctive ‘pop’ and slid the tip across her face and lips and then entered her mouth again. She had my balls in one hand gently cupping them, massaging them, feeling their fullness. I pumped her mouth several times and pulled out and stepped away from the bed.

She rolled off the bed and stood before me. Her dress was a shambles and she stood with her head down, silent. I moved to her and ripped the rest of it off exposing her body. Now she was in her garter belt, stockings and shoes, her body bared to me. I pulled her to me, sliding my hands under her garter straps and heaved outwards snapping some of the garter clips and ripping one of the straps off her belt. She stepped back and kneeled before me and I began to masturbate for her. She opened her lipstick smeared lips waiting to accept my cum and with all the tension in my body from fucking my new found slut it took only a few strokes. I came. A shot spurted out and fell on her face, across one eye and then a fuller shot splattered against her hairline and forehead. Sarah reached up and milked my cock taking each small offering on her tongue. I rubbed my cum over her face, messing up her eye shadow and liner. She looked quite a sight compared to that innocent women I knew just days before.

Sarah began to lick hungrily at my cock but the nerve endings activated from fucking her and cumming sent sharp jolts of pleasure through me that were too much to bear. I held her face off my cock and she pouted and I knelt down and kissed her. I pulled her up and we both walked unsteadily to a mirror and we looked at ourselves.

“Look what you have made me,” Sarah said softly.

“I think you had a part of you that was always like that. You just needed me to find it.”

“Yes,” Sarah said and she pulled me to the bed…

We cuddled in the warm afternoon light and lay on the cool fresh sheets. Sarah had left the remnants of her garter belt on and her hose had slid down her thighs. We talked at length and I was worried that my aggression during our last lovemaking was not to her liking and she was masking her true feelings. But as we talked and disclosed more about each other Sarah enlightened me with some of her desires. Her head lay on my chest and she massaged me as we talked.

“You know Bruce,” she offered, “I may have grown up protected from more worldly view of the world and had a single simple and conventional lover in my husband but that has never fully given my sexuality full expression. I have to admit being shocked to find out about some of the porn my son used to watch but I slowly came to realize that what I was sexually was not being given full expression and when your uncle died there was simply no outlet. Being from a small town and lacking privacy because of my involvement in the community I felt I never truly had the freedom to “let myself loose” as it were. This week with you has given me so much and I want to explore more but am beginning to feel selfish because of all the learning I am experiencing.”

She paused and looked up at me. “I would like to offer you something. I feel I am holding you back.”

I pulled her closer to me and kissed her forehead. My mind whirled at the events over the preceding days. What was at first a week of work and companionship had turned to one of sexual exploration and love. My aunt was now my lover and even though she was in her 50s desired more exploration and experimentation with me. Our time was drawing short. I had to leave in 2 days. And there was so much to share and do with each other. Not only was helping her in her sexual awakening a wonderful experience but I adored her companionship. I closed my eyes and breathed in her scent. It was a mixture of sandalwood and vanilla and I think she had this hint of scent because of the potpourri she used in her dresser drawers. I knew that from now on I would associate those scents with her.

As I considered her offer my hands slid up and down her back. She nuzzled in closer and whispered as she kissed my ear lobe softly, “Anything…”

“Sarah, I want to experience a fantasy you have had.”

“Ohhh…,” she sighed, “really? I have a couple that I would love to do.”

“Then pick the naughtiest one and tell me about it.” Sarah licked my ear lobe once more and began to tell me about it.



I was sitting in the black leather club chair in the corner of our master suite, reading a book, pretending to pay no attention to my wife, Jill, standing naked in front of a chest of drawers. Jill bent slightly at the waist to open one the second drawer down, not bothering to look back at me, but still knowing that I must be looking over the top of my book by now.

“Stop,” I thought to myself. “Don’t play her games. Don’t look, don’t give her the satisfaction.” I knew that’s what she wanted. Me to look, to say something. No. I would not. I looked down. Read. Just read.

I heard her open the drawer, rummage around. My peripheral caught her standing up straight, looking at herself in the mirror.

Don’t look. Don’t look. Don’t look.

But I had to. I had to look up. I was human. I was in love. She was beauty. I had to look. And she knew it.

JillI looked up. She was watching me. In the mirror. She watched my eyes drift over the top of my book to her. She saw me look, knew somehow exactly how long to hold her pose, how long it would take me. She stood, half looking at herself in the mirror, half watching me watch her strike her pose. She stood holding a black and taupe garter belt to her waist, posing, looking at herself.

“Hmf,” she said ever so quietly, nodding her head, agreeing to herself as carefully stepped into the pull up belt, the garter straps dangling on her legs.

I quickly looked back down to my book. No, stop, don’t let her win!

Jill picked something up off the dresser, moved to and sat on the edge of the bed next to a pair of , now facing me. She lifted one of her legs up to the bed, her knee towards her face. She gathered a black stocking with her hands, slipped it over her toes, carefully pulled it up her leg. She stood, attached it to the three garter straps, sat, began the process with the other.

Finished with the stockings, she slipped her feet into the black strappy heels, bent down, fastened them. Then she really pushed.

Head down, I let my eyes drift upwards just as she tugged at the tops of each stockings, pulling them taut, running her fingers up the inside of each thigh as she did, up, close to the center, breathing a deep breath in and out as she did.

This was too much! I snapped my book shut, a shot, the sound moving around the room shocking both of us.

Jill looked up at me, unflinching. “What’s the matter? I thought you liked it when I wore stockings?”

“I do, you know that. I beg you to wear them all the time.” Which was true. I love her legs, her feet. Naked. I loved them even more in nylons, pantyhose, stockings. Especially stockings.

“So you should be happy then,” she retorted, picking up a pair of matching black and taupe panties and stepping in to them.

“Why today, Jill? Why? Why every time you go somewhere with him,” I spat out. Him was an old boyfriend, Jason, who she had dinner with, went to a play, concert, something, every couple of months.

“Every time? What do you mean?”

“You wore stockings last time, when you went to that concert. You’re wearing stockings today.”

Jill tilted her head, looked at me, then looked away, picked up her bra, answered me as she put it on. “You’re jealous?”

“Should I be?”

She walked slowly, deliberately towards me. Jill was already tall, just over 5’10”, more so in heels. The stockings gave the illusion of even greater height, especially standing over me.

“We’re going to a club, I just like to look pretty,” she said in a slight pout. “Why does that make you jealous?”

I swallowed, not sure what to say. Not wanting to argue, not wanting to fight.

She knew she was in charge right now, that I was putty, helpless. No matter what I wanted to say, what I felt, that standing in front of me, wearing stockings and a garter belt, she owned me.

Jill lifted on of her legs up, put her heel on the edge of the chair, inches from my crotch. “I look pretty, don’t I?”

“Yes,” I swallowed, trying to shake my head, to clear the jumble of thoughts. I wanted her. I wanted her now. But I knew she was leaving, going out, going out with Jason. I didn’t care. I was her husband. I was her. I moved my hands up towards her leg, touched the nylon, her warm skin radiating heat, sex, desire.

“Do you think he’s going to touch me? Is that what makes you jealous? Knowing he wants to touch my stockings just like you are?” She inched her foot closer to me, closed the gap, so the leather bottom of her sandal, her stocking covered toes were touching me.”

“Or are you jealous because you think I want that, too, that I want to feel his hands on my legs, his fingers running up the insides of my thighs?”

I was breathing heavily now, my hands almost shaking, almost unable to keep in contact with her legs, almost breaking away from the nylon.

“It’s been so long since he touched me like that, lover, so long. So long since I felt his body touching mine, since I felt his skin.” She was moving her foot up and down, letting her shoe tickle me, torment me, tease me, stroke me.

“He’s not going to touch me tonight, lover, I’m yours. You know that. When I get home tonight, I’m yours. My legs are yours, my feet are yours, my body is yours, but…” Her foot touching me was almost too much for me.

“But,” she said slowly.

“What,” I groaned.

“When I get home tonight and you’re licking my foot, kissing your way up my leg, when you realize how wet I am…”

She paused, letting me rub her legs, touch the nylon, feel the sensation, the softness, let me excite myself.

“When you realize how wet I am, remember that I’m so excited because I’m dressed like this and all night I’ll be thinking about Jason touching me.”

I almost hyperventilated, my breathing was so quick. She bent down, foot pressing harder into me, her knee resting against my chest, my hands forced upwards to her panty covered ass. “When you fuck me tonight, lover, just remember, I’m going to be thinking of him.”

Jill kissed my ear, slowly stood up, walked to the closet and slipped a little black dress over her head.

“I knew you’d like the stockings, sweetie,” she said, picking up her purse and walking to the door. “I’ll call you when I’m on my way home.”


Part 6: Erotic Closure

What a wonderful world it is that has girls in it!

Lazurus Long

July 4th

glamourdaze stockings5This morning I awoke before Sarah and decided to make breakfast for us. It was calming to have some time in the quiet house and do something for her that was so personal. I wholly intended to make her breakfast in bed and had found a bed breakfast tray in the basement and had just set it when she showed up at the kitchen entrance in her nightgown. Funny…she took the time to wash up and fix her hair and I was actually a little disappointed because it would not have mattered to me if she had not. But old habits die hard, I guess, and it was typical in the past to see Sarah fully dressed in the morning. Excepting that one time in the breezeway I had never seen her out of clothes except when she was in her conservatively styled one piece swimming suits. I shooed her away and she laughed with delight and I came upstairs and she was sitting on the bed waiting to be served. I set the tray down over her thighs and took a seat at her make up table and began reading the paper to her. She listened and at the end of each news story we would talk about its import and implications and make predictions of what might happen next. It was a fun mental exercise. She finished up and I went to take the tray away and as I bent down to remove it she kissed me, holding one hand on my cheek. “Today you are going windsurfing! No work for the wicked man that is turning me into a nymphomaniac,” Sarah said. “In fact, you are to shower, get dressed and leave immediately and I’ll fix you a lunch and some directions to a place I know you will like.” I kissed her back and nodded and verily took off.

It was not that I wanted to leave her but sports are such a strong part of my identity I was raring to go and it was so kind of her to insist. I showered up and dressed. Sarah had washed and folded all my clothes neatly and I almost felt bad breaking the creases of the carefully neatly folded clothes. She took such effort and was a perfectionist in all that she did. Coming downstairs I slid in beside her standing at the counter working and gave her ass a sharp smack, “So woman, what have you for me today!”

“A surprise that you will like. Now stop THAT,” Sarah exclaimed as I gave her another playful spank, “and take this map and go!” I kissed her longingly and started out.

The map Sarah gave me was accurate and I found the location she had directed me too. I ended up at Point Petre in Prince Edward County and there was decent access to the water and a shale beach but all in all it was nice as I could keep the lighthouse as a reference as I sailed farther and farther out into Lake Ontario. Being a competent windsurfer I was not worried about being isolated and spent about 2 hours on the water before I got hungry and decided to head back in. Tacking back and forth working upwind I made it to shore about an hour later and I was ready to eat.

Securing my board and sail I headed up to the car and was pleasantly surprised to see Sarah sitting on the hood of her Cutlass with a pair of binoculars. I waved and ran up to greet her, still wet from the lake. She threw me a towel, “You’re not messing up my make up,” she stated brightly and I dried myself off and slid out of my wetsuit before I gave her a kiss. As I pulled on my t-shirt I took a moment to look at Sarah. How did she do it I wondered? She was wearing a navy with white polka dot ruffle front button short sleeved blouse with matching mid length navy blue high-waist paper-bag styled shorts with a leg cuff that held the shape of the shorts nicely. She had on the most delicious looking red leather peep-toe platform pumps and looked wonderful. “See, I was busy shopping while you were having fun,” she offered by way of explanation as to how she came to be wearing these clothes. I smiled and complimented her on her new clothes and slid off my swimming suit and toweled dry before putting on my shorts and sitting beside her. She had the lunch out ready for me and she handed me a sandwich. I took a bite and noticed and then commented on the fact her lipstick matched the colour of her shoes. “Of course it does, I am a classy lady,” Sarah quipped. “But a colour like that…well, is sinful!” I retorted. She laughed at my mock concern for her honour and I noticed that her laughter was coming more naturally and easily with each day. I smiled and she asked me why I was smiling.

“It’s because you are opening up to me – to the world – love,” I explained.

“Good. Now shut up and eat,” Sarah said firmly. As I ate she sat behind me and massaged my shoulders gently and we both became enshrouded with each other’s presence and the natural beauty a lake view vista offers. I finished the last sandwich and slaked my thirst with some ice water from a thermos and as I slid off the hood she smacked my ass and said, “Now get sailing.” I laughed and made my towel ready as if I was to whip her and she held up her hand in mock fear, “Save that for later kiddo. Now off you go before you loose the rest of the afternoon.”

I nodded my agreement and smiled my acceptance of her offer and started down to my gear.

After a shorter session of sailing, partly because the wind was dying down, I came back and de-rigged my board and carried my mast and sail to my car. I could not see Sarah and looked in her car. She was lying in the back seat sleeping so I quietly withdrew and completed bringing and setting my equipment on and in my car. After I was done I pulled a novel from the glove compartment and rummaged through the cooler Sarah lent me for a beer and made myself comfortable on the ground and began to read. She looked so peaceful I felt it best to let her sleep.

An hour and two beers later I heard a scuffing noise and then Sarah’s head rising from her sleep. “How long have I been out,” she asked. Looking at my watch I offered, “At least an hour honey because I have been back for about that long.” “Sorry Bruce.” “No problem love I just let you sleep because you looked so peaceful,” I said with an assuring tone. “Take your time and we can head back when you’re ready.”

Sarah stepped over the back of the car seat and slid off the trunk and walked over to me and sat down and gave me a big hug. She used her fingers to pull my face to hers and kissed me deeply. “I am well rested my man. Tell you what…If you fuck me now I will head home and set up a surprise for you for your return.” My eyes widened and now I knew her design in sending me here. It was isolated and ideal for some outdoor love making. ‘That’s my girl.’ I thought. I smiled and returned the kiss. “So how does my vixen want it,” I asked.

“I will show you,” Sarah said formally. She got up and walked to the front of the car and unfastened her shorts and let them drop to the ground and lifted them with the toe of one foot and placed them on the hood. My jaw dropped. Gone was the shy woman of just yesterday! Then she slid her navy blue lace hip huggers off and did the same thing to place them on the hood. Last and most gratifying and exciting she placed her forearms on the hood and stuck her ass out and opened her legs. “Fuck your vixen now. Please!” she said. I got up and slid my bathing suit off and my hard-on was already full. I moved in behind her and licked my fingers and slid them over her pussy lips to wet her and pressed the tips between her lips and into her. Sarah was dry but in about 10 strokes she was responding and she felt wonderfully smooth. I held her by the hips and moved in slowly and lovingly. “NO! Harder Bruce…harder!” I needed no more prompting. I grasped her full by the hips and pulled almost all the way out and then thrust hard in. I continued that level of force and increased the rapidity of my hip movements so that there was a wonderful aural melding of our hips slapping together with the sound of the waves against the shore. Her head lolled to the right and left and she let out a series of yelps when I pushed particularly hard. Sarah had pulled her panties to her face and was biting on them as I fucked her from behind. I felt her g-spot and pushed down her hips and she opened her legs more to lower them for me and I was able to press the head of my cock against her g-spot with each forward thrust. I had not felt it before during our past love making but there was no mistaking that fleshy firmness now.

“Slam me…”, her voice trailed off. “Say it baby,” I grunted. “Slam me fucker. Fuck… do me!” What man would need more prompting? Certainly not I. God she looked so damn good, my sexy vixen.

As my thrusts quickened Sarah started to say in rhythm to the thrusts, “Yes…yes…yes…yes…” and one final “…yessssss!” as she came. I felt a new wetness I had never experienced and felt my balls covered with a warm fluid. Sarah was collapsing and I held her up and pumped her twice more and then came deeply inside her soft, accepting pussy. I could not stand up and I held onto her as I collapsed slowly back and sideways to the cool grass, carrying her with me. Falling on my back she fell on me and I held her tight as her hips bucked and her legs splayed open and then closed. “What the hell did you DO to me,” she said between breaths. I was scared. Deeply scared. Perhaps I had hurt her. I reached down between us and checked the wetness on my balls and slid my hand surreptitiously to check what was exactly now on my hand. It was not blood and I smelled it and it smelled like her.

“It’s alright…I am alright Bruce…Just…never…felt…like…that…before,” she said between breaths. I took her assurance at face value and held her close, squeezing her like my teddy bear when I was a kid and scared of the sound of crashing thunder. She slid around to face me and kissed me, her hair tussled and unkempt from our love making. “Some learning curve,” she offered between sharp, gasping breaths. “Yes. Some God damn learning curve,” I responded, “Not only for you but me.”

We slowly recovered and I helped her up and into her panties and shorts and we hugged and Sarah got in her car and brushed her hair. She put on a scarf and smiled up at me, “Now, give me an hour and a half and then come home babe.” She started up her car and backed around and waved and headed home. I returned the wave and the smile she gave me and went to the cooler and got another beer. Taking a long draught from it I wonder what had just happened. And my expectation and excitement grew for what might be in store for me at home.

I arrived back as dusk was passing into night. I was pleasantly tired but fully awake and aware of my surroundings. Knocking on the screen door twice sharply, to mark my arrival, I entered and called Sarah’s name. She beckoned me into the living room and I acknowledged her by giving her a kiss. Sarah was in a bath robe and sipping tea, “Now get thee to your room and get dressed. I have laid out some clothes for you and we can have dinner,” greeted Sarah. I ran my hand down her neck and across her shoulders and nodded. I went upstairs with the intent to survey what to wear but Sarah had set out my blazer that I had worn for the concert. I smiled and went to shower, shave and make myself presentable. Her door was now closed so when I was finished I went downstairs and made her a Gin Gimlet and sat in the living room waiting.

Eventually she came down the stairs and entered the living room, twirling around on entry, to show me what she was wearing. Sarah had selected a simple and elegant sweetheart taffeta dress. It was dark grey and simply looked stunning. The dress fit her well and accentuated her hips nicely. It was just above the knees in length and the top part of the dress was fitted almost like a corset the way it looked. It had a v-neck that just showed a hint of her cleavage. Finishing the ensemble was a pearl choker, some mid-black stockings with seams and a pair of black suede pumps with a decorative silver nappa band. I got up and all I could do was stand and say, “Wow.” Sarah smiled widely and came over and I had the presence of mind to retrieve her drink and offer it to her. I had a wine and we stood and gave each other a toast and drank.

“I took the liberty to make dinner reservations,” Sarah informed me. I nodded and drank again and set my glass down and took hers from her hand and set it down so I could kiss her. My hand slid along the back of the dress and the taffeta gave that rustling sound that I loved. “I’ll get my purse and go,” Sarah said “before we start anything that will make us late.” Collecting her black leather clutch we left for our dinner.

We set off and Sarah directed me to the Carmela Estates Winery and when we arrived I headed for the main restaurant but Sarah directed me to a road to the right. I looked quizzically at her and she explained that the winery had a guest house and she had rented it for the night. The dinner was going to be served at the guest house and we could enjoy a more intimate evening. I got out and opened the door for her and she smiled and told me to open the trunk. I did as requested and saw an overnight bag and collected it. Obviously she had packed clothes for us for the next day. I admired her planning and foresight and I wanted to be sure to mention to her how much I appreciated this special evening. The door was unlocked and Sarah picked up the phone and let the staff know we were here.

Within minutes a waitress arrived with some appetizers and a bottle of their Cabernet Franc and we sat on the couch and waited while she poured the wine for us and lay out the appetizers on the coffee table. We exchanged some pleasantries with the waitress and she left us after Sarah indicated for her to come back in an hour. This was obviously going to be a long and leisurely dinner evening!

I smiled pleased with such a generous thoughtful gesture Sarah had created. She smiled back at me and handed me my glass and we toasted again and kissed. Drinking the wine slowly we began to converse. We talked about family for a while getting caught up on the news since we had not done this the entire time at her place and part way through the conversation Sarah shifted 45 degrees to me and lifted her legs up and draped them over mine. She had a devious twinkle in her eye and slowly she lifted the hem of the dress to reveal her stocking tops and bare thighs. I could just make out that she had on a black lace open bottom girdle and just as I caught this information she opened her legs slightly and revealed she was not wearing any panties.

“OK…what are you trying to do to me,” I said tightly. “Nothing,” Sarah said coquettishly, “now have a shrimp.” She let the hem slide back so only her stocking tops were now visible and I used my free hand, after I ate my shrimp, to massage her calf. Then she slipped off her shoes and slid her feet into my lap and began to rub my crotch slowly. “Ahhh, the response I would expect from my lover,” she said in response to my erection. It was hard to make conversation now but I put on a valiant effort. The time passed with noticeable slowness as the hour transpired and just as the clock on the wall indicated an hour had passed Sarah slid her feet off me and stood and put on her shoes. Kissing me she greeted the waitress at the door and helped with some of the plates as the dinner table was set. The waitress uncovered the dishes and what lay before, as we took our seats, was a wonderful smelling meal of sole almandine with a fresh garden salad mixed with vinaigrette. Sarah thanked the waitress and indicated we would not need her any more for the evening and we began our meal.

Our conversation shifted from the family to more personal topics. Sarah began by asking me about my past sexual experiences and I related the not to frequent sexual adventures of Bruce. There was not much to tell really. Other than some petting in high school and then some romances that invariably did not lead to sexual intercourse there were the 3 lovers I had disclosed to Sarah. She was very interested to know the circumstances of each coupling and I shared them with complete details and honesty. From what I was telling her she would see that my experience was not worldly by any stretch of the imagination. She had such an easy accepting manner while receiving this information and she talked openly about herself as well. I adored her for not judging me from her more traditional relationship experience but I guess having a son and a daughter older than me prepared her for the shifting attitudes about sex that existed now.

I asked her about her fantasies and she divulged several to me. About this time she got up and went to the pantry and opened another bottle of wine and refreshed our glasses. After each disclosure Sarah would ask me what I thought about it and if it was something I had done or wanted to do. I was pleasantly surprised by the breadth of her interests for we shared many common ideas about sexual experiences. We finished off our meal and tidied up the plates and sat back on the couch. We held each other for a long time in silence. We had shut off all the lights save for one candle burning in the center of the coffee table. The darkness enveloped us and made me feel like we were in some type of wonderful cocoon full of passion and caring. As we hugged are hands played gently over each other’s body and I finally gathered her hands in mine and kissed them.

“Bruce go upstairs to the master bedroom and undress and wait for me,” Sarah said in a low voice. Nodding I did so.

I slipped under the covers and Sarah entered the room. In the low light of the side table lamp she slowly and silently undressed for me. She took her time creating a classy and powerful erotic strip tease and when she was finally naked slipped into bed beside me. All she had on was her pearl choker. I was sitting up and she was lying down so I moved to lie down as well and she turned to me, “Tonight make love to me.” I understood. Tonight was to be attentive, gentle and considerate soft love making. There would be plenty of time for mutual exploration of our fantasy life later. I had been given a window of Sarah’s raw sexuality at the Point and could wait for the latter. But tonight we share the former.

Words simply cannot describe what we experienced.


Emily’s Home, Part 2

Emily’s Home, Part 2
(Part 1 available here)

frontI was on my back, my arms over my head, bound to the headboard with a leather belt Emily wrapped around my wrists. Quick, but effective bondage. Emily looked down at me, at my body, at my chest, covered with a satin camisole. “You thought you were going to tease me, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” I admitted, almost blushing, not caring.

“Well it worked. But I’m turning the tables on you, Sara. Tease me? All I could think about since last night was getting my hands on you, touching you, kissing you. Now you want to tease me? Like you’re going to be in charge?” She said this resting on my thighs, below my tap panties, resting on my stocking tops.

“Fair is fair,” I retorted.

“Yes it is. But I’m not the one tied to the bed, am I? I don’t think I’m the one that is going to be teased tonight, my pretty.” She ran a finger over my chest, between the breasts I had, down to my stomach, touching the soft camisole.

“Emily, I…I had fun when I got home a couple of weeks ago, I just wanted to do the same for you,” I answered, feeling as if I needed to defend myself. What was wrong with that? With wanting to give her the same thing she gave me? I enjoyed her seduction of me, I just wanted to seduce her.

“Do you think I’m mad at you?”

“I…I’m not sure.”

“Mad at you? Mad? Sara, I’m so incredibly turned on right now I’m afraid I’m going to hurt you.” Her fingers traced their way down my stomach, lower. I jerked at the sensation, feeling the energy from her soft touch shoot through my stomach, to my loins.

I sucked in a quick breath. “I thought you were mad,” I whispered

She leaned down, her real breasts pressed into my breast forms. She whispered in my ear. “I’m going to tease you, sissy. You wanted to excite me? You did. Now you’re going to deal with it. Ready?”

I had a vision of her touching me, fucking me, and I wanted it. Now. Terribly. Instead, Emily climbed off me, stood up, just looked at me.

“What,” I asked, wanting her touch back.

“You want me, don’t you? You want me to touch you?”

“Yes, of course yes.”

“Hmmm, think about how badly you want me to touch you, sweetie. You thought you were going to tease me? No, Sara, no. Think about how bad you want me. I’ll be back in a little bit. You just think about me.”

I almost laughed. My plan had been to seduce Emily, to tease Emily, to make her want me so badly that she was wild with desire. I’d kind of had that effect on her. Only, I’d driven her wild enough that she turned the tables on me. I was the one being teased. I was the one who was now wild with desire. Fuck, I wanted her back in here NOW.

I noticed the clock when she left the room. 7:48. I watched it.




Fuck, what was she doing? I wanted her. I needed her. “Em,” I called out very softly.


“Emily,” I called, louder.


I realized that I had been erect in my satin tap panties since she left the room. I was so excited, so outrageously horny, it was not funny.

8:12 Emily walked back into the bedroom.

BackMy eyes widened seeing how she was dressed. “You’re not the only one with a secret outfit to wear, sweetie.”

Emily. My dear Emily. My dominant Emily.

I looked at her, her legs in black nylons, her heels, her bare skin, her covered skin.

I looked at her arms, wrapped gently in black gloves that went over her elbow.

I looked at her and felt a soft moan escape my from my lips. An hour ago I’d been the one in control, in power. Now, I was weak, helpless, at her mercy.

“I want to make you suffer. I want to make you beg,” she said, moving to the end of the bed by my feet. She lifted one of her legs up onto the bed, touching her heel against mine, her stocking covered foot against my stocking covered foot. “Do you want me to fuck you, is that what you want?”

I was pulled my arms, tugged at the belt holding them over my head. I wanted to get up, grab her, throw her on the bed, ravage her. I forgot Sara. The boy part of me began flowing, yearning. “Yes, yes,” I groaned, tugging again.

A wide smile spread over Em’s face. “Well you can’t. Not now. Not yet. You don’t want it enough, you don’t want me enough.” Emily climbed up onto the end of the bed, on her hands and knees, looked me in the eye. “You want me so badly, don’t you?”

“Fuck, Emily.” I felt my organ twitching, rubbing against the satin.

“You’re not a man today, not dressed like that. You wanted to be a woman. You wanted to be pretty. You wanted to seduce me. You picked Sara. If you were a man, I’d untie you and let you fuck me, but you’re not a man, you choose to be a woman. You picked soft, satin, pretty, feminine.”

I was panting. It had been mere minutes since she walked into the room, yet already I was panting. The site of her, the smell of her, the feel of her, pushed me, engaged me.

She lifted one of her legs on top of one of mine, rubbed it back and forth, nylon covered leg touching nylon covered leg. “You could have been a boy for me today, but you picked sissy. You wanted to be a woman. Women touch each other like this. Women are soft, seductive. Men fuck women, women make love to women. This is what you wanted, isn’t it? To feel this, to feel my leg touching yours?”

She fucking knows what that does to me. She totally fucking knows what the feel of our mutually nylon covered legs touching does to me. It makes me melt. It makes me swoon. It makes me feel nothing but feminine feelings. She fucking knows that she’s making me think like Sara, not a boy. She knows.

“Confused, sweetie? Can’t decide if you want to fuck me or if you want to make love to me? Boy or girl? Male or sissy? Which are you today?”

“You’re not playing fair,” I said, eyes closed.

“I know. I’m going to get worse, that’s what’s so bad for you.” She was back on her hands and knees, crawling seductively up the bed, lightly blowing and kissing my stocking, my leg, upward, until she was at the edge of my tap panties.

“You know, Sara, how much I love making love to another girl, how much I love the soft feel, the tenderness,” she said, looking me in the eye, kissing the inside of my thigh, licking lightly the satin panties. “It’s so different than fucking a man.” Emily moved her hand up, lightly touched the outline of my penis in the panties. “A woman is so tender, so gentle, a man so hard, so violent. I so much love having another woman.”

“Do remember the last time you tried to fuck me, like a man. You know, as a man?”

“Emily,” I said, sharply, almost, not quite, yelling.”

Emily ignored me, reached into my panties, wrapped her soft hand around my erection. “What did I say? You remember, don’t you?”

“Emily,” I gasped, her hand touching me distracting me from the thoughts forming in my mind. “That…that’s not fair. We hadn’t

“I know, I wasn’t playing fair then either, was I? I just couldn’t resists, Sara, I couldn’t make myself stop.”

We both knew exactly what she said. We both knew exactly what happened the last time we screwed like a man and woman. She didn’t play fair then. She was mean. She tormented me.

The last time, I was on top of her, after spending an hour licking her. She was so sensitive. I was on top of her, teasing her, trying to make her beg for me to enter her. I was rubbing myself on the outside of her lips, over the wetness, pushing just the tip into her. “You want me to beg for it, don’t you,” she asked, shaking as another orgasm crashed through her.

“Yes,” I whispered that last time we screwed.

She was clenching her teeth, looking me in the eye. It was like it was a contest, who would blink first. Would I blink first and push myself into her or would she, would she beg me. Who would surrender. Who was stronger?

We were having a test of wills. She knew I wanted to feel her, to feel her warmth all over me. She knew I was close to forgetting about her and pushing myself in, thrusting. I knew she was close to needing it, needing to be filled. Who would surrender? Who would give in?

Emily’s eyes shook. Her mouth opened. I felt the corner of my mouth turn up. I knew I’d won. She was about to give in, about to tell me, to beg me to enter her.

Then she spoke. “Maybe I’d beg,” she panted, “if you weren’t so small.”

I felt my arms shaking. No, no. This isn’t fair. I was winning. She knew. She knew!

“I’d beg if you were a real man.”

That was too much. Without even thinking, I shifted ever so slightly, shifted, and pushed myself into her and we both moaned, both shook and on the second thrust, I exploded, could not hold back for even another second.

“So small,” she said, having another mini orgasm at the same time I exploded.

I thrust, a third deep thrust, then stopped. “You…you came already,” she asked. “That was so fast.”

I shook, her words humiliating me, exciting me.

“You remember last time, don’t you,” she asked me again, bringing me back to reality, to the present.

“Yes,” I swallowed.

“We’re not going to have a repeat of that, I’m going to make sure of that…”

(To be continued…)