Sexual Harrassment

I love wearing sexy little suits with even sexier lingerie underneath. One day when I was working on reconciling one of my larger accounts at work and I noticed that the filing cabinet across the room had been moved slightly to the right. I didn’t think too much of it at the time, but I knew something had changed. I continued to work, concentrating on finishing up this last account so I could go home for the night. My job usually didn’t take me this long, but for some reason my boss had given me a much bigger workload than I was used to. I thought maybe he was going to give me a promotion or something, so I wanted to impress him. As it got later, and later…I realized there is no way I could finish cleaning up the account by the end of my shift. I had to get going!! Just as I was putting things away, I heard a soft knock at my office door…and it swung open. There was mr. Big, 🙂 my boss leaning his head and shoulders through the door. “Hey there, workin late tonight?” I just sorta laughed nervously, it was a bit awkward. The little voice inside my head told me that he had just asked me a loaded question. I knew there was more to it than just a innocent inquiry. I answered him…”Um, yeah….I have a little more work than usual it seems.” As I said this, I noticed something that I really had not let myself acknowledge since he had hired me in the first place……I was attracted to him! I mean, yes I had always noticed that he was a sexy older man with a charasmatic way about him, but I never really let myself feel attracted to him in any way.

As he leaned in further, I noticed his nice pressed white shirt and sexy tie, I saw how his thick salt and pepper grey hair was so nicely thick and groomed. He had such a great smile. All of these thoughts were rumbling through my mind in one instant, it really caught me off guard and made me more nervous. I thought, “I gotta get outta here!” He came into my office and said, “Well, do you think you going to be able to handle the workload?” Again, there was something more to this question, lol…and definitely more to his body language. He came in and sorta leaned over my shoulder to see what I was working on. He asked me if I was onto his little secret….I asked, “What secret is that exactly?” At that he walked over to the other side of the room and pushed the filing cabinet over just a bit exposing a little camera pointed directly towards my desk. He said, “I just cannot get enough of your sexy legs, I have been watching you….” As he did I sorta slid back in my chair, and I glanced down quickly to notice that my stockings and garter was being exposed…. I didn’t straighten them, I left them alone. I felt myself wanting him to look at me in a sexual way, I was hot by the thought of him wanting me this way.

I felt his eyes covering my thighs, as he came over to my chair I could now smell his cologne and I felt myself slipping into a total state of arousal. My pussy moistened immediately, I felt my heart pounding between my thighs…I let me legs open slightly. My nipples began to rise and become erect. I said, “Well, I think I could handle a little more work, I like a challenge.” At that statement, things got very quiet. My chair slowly spun around, I was now facing him as he stood leaning over me. He got down on his knees & came in very close almost prying himself between my legs. I didn’t resist very much, just enough…I wanted him there, I wanted him to take advantage of me. We didn’t speak after that…it was totally quiet. His hands slid up over my knee….up my thigh, slowly reaching up underneath my skirt, exposing my lacey black moistened panties and garter belt. I could feel his hard cock through his slacks….his scent and body were driving me wild. I started to buck my hips a little bit as his finger slid over the top of my wet panties. He was teasing my swollen clit gently with his finger…then he dove in. He slipped two of his fingers underneath my panties, feeling my hot wetness his cock grew..I quickly unzipped his pants, I wanted to feel his warm hard cock in my hand. My pussy was just so eager for his cock at this point, my face was serious- we were both so into eachother. We didn’t kiss though, …too focused on other areas I suppose.
I pulled his pants down…they fell down to his knees on the floor. He slowly pulled my panties off….and spread my legs open wide. I felt him enter me and It felt so good I let out a rather large scream….He said, “Shhhhh…baby, I am just getting started….” His words made me even hornier for his cock…I grabbed around behind him and pushed on his ass, pulling him in so deep. He fucked my wet pussy there in the office chair until we both came, he felt my tight pussy squeezing down on him as I convulsed all over his cock from my intense orgasm…..He pulled out and shot his load all over my garter and partially on my pussy. I rubbed it in, and felt so sexy and dirty at the same time. It was good sex,nice quick, intense sex…and it was our secret. 🙂 “I love being sexually harassed by my boss”…I thought to myself. 🙂

-Desirae, from Naughty At Home

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