Sexy Nurse

My friend Kinky Kim at iKinky wrote this little sperm donor fantasy for me (that’s Kim in the photo):

“This fantasy was inspired by my friend Nick on MySpace…

The small white room you’re sitting in could not be more uncomfortable.

As you sit on the sterile black bench you reach to the stand next to you and pick up a plastic cup and one of the nude magazines.
Unzipping your pants, you try and arouse your manhood as you flip through the pages.

Minutes seem like hours and you’ve yet to even become erect. A knock on the door turns your noodle even more soggy.

kinky_sexy_nurse_whip_bondage“Can I assist you in there” I say through the door. Your silence is my go-ahead to enter the room. I walk in to find you covering yourself with a magazine and an embarrassed look on your face.

“Let me help you bring your soldier to attention.” I remove my white nurses gown and uncover my black pvc nurses costume and a black whip at my side. I order you and your “staff” to stand at attention.

I bend you over the bench and give you a few good whips on your bare ass just for good measure. Now I watch as you pleasure yourself and fill the cup like a good little boy :)”

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