Jaslyns’ Story

I was born in Hong Kong and lived in Singapore until my twenty second birthday when I got a job with an investment bank back in Hong Kong. I’d worked there for three years, been promoted twice and now ran the finance office. I was doing well, my staff liked me and the bosses held me in high regard. I had always received a lot of attention from men and some attributed my rise in the company to my good looks.

I take a pride in my appearance and always make sure that I’m dressed to look businesslike. If I’m honest, I have to admit that I like to wear clothes that get noticed by the power wielding males in the company. I usually wear blouses that when the light is just right, you can see straight through and I never wear bras because I find them uncomfortable. I tend to favour pencil skirts with a nice split that opens as I walk across the office, if I stride, you can sometimes see the tops of my stockings. At nearly five feet eight inches, I’m tall for a Chinese girl and I have a well proportioned figure with great legs, so I use it to my advantage.

About a month before it happened, a memo had circulated telling all the staff that anyone working late should contact Building Security and make sure that an escort was available for when they wanted to leave. I always worked late and nothing had ever happened to me before. Nor anyone else working in the building for that matter.

It was Friday night and we were stretched to meet a deadline for a really important project. Everyone had gone home apart from the general manager and myself. He came out of his office and said,

“Gotta rush Jas, I’m off to the opera with Felicity tonight and didn’t realise how late it was getting. You gonna be here long?”

“Nope, just want to get this spreadsheet cleared then I’m away.”

He said goodnight and that was the last I saw of him.

I worked on for another hour or so then took a break to look out of the window. Hong Kong harbour was forty eight floors below and I could see right across to Kowloon. It was one of those hot sticky nights and I was glad of the air conditioning. My mind wondered to my friends who would be meeting up in the bars of Lan Kwai Fong about now and I wondered if I had time to finish my work and join them in time for a few drinks to welcome the weekend in.

I snapped out of my daydream when I heard the glass doors rattle. I walked through to the lobby and as I rounded the corner I could see past the reception desk into the lift foyer. There were three white guys hanging around the lift doors with a trolley loaded with Compaq boxes. Then another came into sight just beside our entrance doors. I walked forward and as I approached the ornate etched glass doors, I said

“Hello, can I help you?”

The one by the door, a big man wearing Apex Removals overalls said

“This is the 48th floor innit?”
“Yes” I said.

“We got a delivery for Soloman Sachs, that’s here, innit?”

“Errm, yes this is Soloman Sachs but I’m not expecting any delivery.”

“I got twenty six computers for the trading room at Soloman Sachs and if that’s here, that’s where they’re going. You wanna see the paperwork?” He said.

I wasn’t worried or anything, it was quite normal for the building to be full of removals and delivery people at night, especially at night, that’s when all the office workers have gone home and the service people come in. It just seemed a little strange that I, the finance office manager, didn’t know about a delivery of computers, especially an order of twenty six complete units for the trading rooms. I opened the door and checked the delivery note. It seemed to be in order so I said,

“OK, you had better bring them in.”

He took the note back and said

“Right, Jason and Phil, you get back down for the rest of the gear and the other lads. Me and John will drop this load off and wait for you to come back up. Make sure you lock the van when you’re done. Right, luv, where do you want it?” he said with a leering grin.

I opened the door and they wheeled the first trolley through into the main reception room.

“The trading room is through the doors on your right” I told them.

Then I closed the door and went back to my desk, kicked my shoes off and sat down to finish my spreadsheet. I could hear the men talking to each other and opening the boxes as I set my analysis programme to check the spreadsheet. I thought that now was a good time to break for a coffee.

As I walked past the trading room door I peered in and offered coffee to the three men standing around scratching their heads while they attempted to figure out what went where.

“You’re a darlin’, mine’s white with sugar. And the boys’ll have it the same.”

I went into the kitchen and poured four cups of coffee then brought them back and sat the tray on the edge of one of the trading desks. I handed the coffees out and sat myself in a chair. The older of the men asked me why I was still here on a Friday night.

“Pretty girl like you should be out dancing or something.” He said.

“I don’t seem to have mush time for that sort of thing anymore, I’m always here after everyone else has gone home.”

Ah, you’re one of these career girls. A hardened new breed of oriental woman, I prefer the Geishas’ myself.” He said with a smile.

The other two were sniggering to themselves but I couldn’t hear what they were saying. My English is pretty good, it needs to be when you’re working for a European company, but my first language is Cantonese.

I asked the guy if he was English and he told me that most of the company was. They had a few Chinese but they were unreliable and had a nasty habit of dropping expensive boxes. We talked for a while and then I noticed that one of the other guys was staring at my legs. I was wearing a long wrap around skirt and it had split from the hem all the way to the thigh and as I crossed my legs. As the split gaped, it showed off the lacy tops of my stockings. He was good looking for a westerner and I suddenly had the most wicked thought to tease him a little.

The older guy was asking me what I usually did on Friday nights and as I told him that I usually met up with some friends after work. I shifted myself on the chair rocking myself onto my right buttock. It would have looked as though I was turning myself to face the older guy with whom I was talking but I knew that my split had opened and was probably revealing the back of my left thigh and the inside of my right thigh.

I noticed the two younger guys move away from their more senior colleague and pretend to be interested in the view from the window.

“Look down there, you can nearly see everything.”

I heard one of them say and wondered if they were talking about me or the view from the window. This was fun I thought to myself as I contemplated another move.

I realised that the air conditioning had been turned off in the room we were in and commented on it as I unfastened the top two buttons on my blouse.

“It’s been so terribly hot this summer.” I said as I fiddled with the material.

Then I noticed that the older guy was staring at me now and I wondered if I’d made it too obvious. I became embarrassed and decided to go back to my office to finish my work.

“Leave your cups in the kitchen when you finish with them, the cleaners will wash them.” I said as I stood and left the room.

I sat down at my desk feeling stupid. I was doing well for a while and then the blouse thing ruined it all. The younger guys was really getting turned on and then I blew it… my mind was racing, what were they thinking of me now, I hope they don’t say anything to anyone who works here. Just then I heard the reception door open and one of the other guys wheeled another trolley through calling out as he did.

“John, you here?”

I heard the reply from the trading room.

“Come on lads, where have you been?”

The guys pushed the trolley past my desk towards their friends voices. They smiled as they went past.

“Someone’s jammed the service lift, we had to wait for ages.” One said.

I smiled back and said.

“Everyone’s had coffee, if you want one just help yourself in the kitchen.”

And got back on with my work, deciding to behave myself.

I completed my spreadsheet and l leaned forward to find my shoes under the desk. I could feel that my panties were damp all along the gusset and knew that this was from my little adventure with the guys in the trading room. I was surprised that I had become so aroused from something so innocent and felt compelled to feel the gusset just to check out how wet I actually was.

I opened my skirt and parted my legs just enough to allow me access to my panties. I stroked my index finger up my inner thigh and contacted with the silky black material just below my cunt. Then I ran my hand over the gusset. It felt wet, very wet. It seemed cold at first and then I rubbed my thumb against my fingers testing the slipperiness of the fluid.

My slit was begging to be touched and I was turned on by the idea of doing this while there was a bunch of guys just around the corner in the next room. I slid my palm over my knickers and closed my eyes feeling the mound of my cunt. I moved my middle finger over my lips. They were puffed up and I felt them part under my touch. My brain was being battered by the sensations of my fingers probing my lips and how the wetness felt as it seeped through the gusset of my knickers.

I pulled the gusset to the side and ran my middle finger over my cuntlips, spreading them apart and tickling the side of my clit. Oh, that felt good, I wanted more and I needed it right now. I began to slowly frig myself through my panties, spreading my juices around over the gusset. I pushed my back into the chair and lifted my hips, with both hands I felt my cunt and massaged both sides of my clit. Then I spread the juices down the inside of my thighs and up between my buttocks. I had completely forgotten about the computer fitters but they must have heard my moans and decided to investigate.

The first I knew of it was the touch of a strange hand on my cunt. I opened my eyes wide in shock and saw at least six men standing around my desk and one of them was reaching between my legs and feeling my slit.

“You dirty little bitch.”

It was the voice of the oldest man.

“You’re a proper little slut aren’t you. Phil said you were flashing him in the other room and you know what’s going to happen now don’t you?”

His voice was menacing and I was scared.

“I forgot you were here. I…”

“Yeah, right. And all that moaning was for your own benefit was it? You’re a whore, a slut and now you’re going to prove it.

He slid his trouser zip down and reached inside for his cock. He struggled to get it out, it seemed to be stuck and then I saw why. He was huge.

His dick sprang from his trousers and he waved it under my face.

“Now, suck it like a good little whore.” He said.

I watched in terror as the other guys pulled their cocks out too and began to masturbate them in front of me. They were staring at my wet panties and splayed legs. I began to cry.

“Enough of that, whore. Suck my cock.” Said the man as he thrust it against my lips. I opened my mouth and bent my head forward to take him in. He leaned over me and ripped my blouse open saying.

“We’ll put that back to how it was in the other room shall we, whore.”

My blouse tore as the buttons flew across the room. My little breasts with their erect nipples were now exposed for all the men to see and I truly felt as though I was a whore.

Then he placed his hands on the back of the chair either side of my head and groaned as I began to suck and slide my lips over his cock.

The others were standing all around me as they masturbated. One reached between my thighs and pulled at my knickers. I remember thinking that if I lose my panties I would be raped and snapped my legs together. I lifted my head back off the cock and desperately murmured.

“Please leave my panties alone. I will suck you all if you like but please leave my panties on.”

“No way whore, we want to see your cunt.”

I decided to pull the gusset to the side and show them my cunt while they masturbated. That way I would retain some control of the situation and maybe get out unhurt.

I leaned back into the chair and as I took the cock back into my mouth I pulled my panties to the side showing off my glistening wet cunt. At that moment I felt the cock tense and the man groaned as his jism splashed into my throat. With my free hand I milked his cock until the last drops of spunk were in my mouth. As he pulled out I let his sperm run from my mouth and dribble onto my chest.

Within seconds there was another dick beside my head and I dutifully opened my lips to engulf it. I was rubbing my clit and fingering myself, desperately trying to keep the rest of the men occupied while they waited for their turn. Then I felt someone cum on the back of my hand. It ran between my fingers onto my panties and dribbled down my cuntlips. It crossed my mind to remove my skirt in case any of the others did the same thing. The last thing I needed was to have my clothes covered in cum.

I pulled my finger out of my slit and unfastened my belt, unhooked the clasp and raised my hips as I pulled the skirt from under my ass. I tossed it onto the floor as far away from my desk as I could and went back to my performance.

I lifted my right leg over the arm of the chair and began to rub my cunt through my panties again when I felt someone splash their cum onto my inner thigh. It ran downwards over the stocking, soaking through the nylon as it trailed. I wanted to touch it and stroked my hand away from my gusset and towards my inner thigh as yet another squirt of cum landed on my stomach and ran towards my panties.

By the time it was finished I had sucked seven men off and I was drenched in sperm. It was all over my legs, my panties, my breasts and stomach, it was in my hair and running down my chin. I had behaved like a whore to avoid being raped but at the end of it, all I wanted was to be fucked by someone, anyone.

Written by luvverman for Jaslyn.

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