About Nylon Whispers



Nylon Whispers was created for writers and readers who love good erotic writing, especially writing about nylons, stockings, pantyhose, tights, lingerie and all the wonderful things that go with them. Fantasies, fiction, non-fiction, fan fiction, personal stories, long form, short form, serials, poetry, haiku, science fiction, straight, LBGT, BDSM: anything and everything erotic: it’s all good and all welcome here, as long as it’s well-written.

For those of you who haven’t visited Nylon Whispers for a while, there’s a whole new look and feel to it. For those who are visiting for the first time, Backseam Press has been working with writers of erotic fiction and non-fiction to develop projects for future publication as e-books. “Please Hurt Me” is a very brief excerpt from a collaborative writing project that will incorporate the points of view of both a man and a woman in a virtual erotic relationship. Fresh, in-the-moment – it’s the kind of thing we’re looking for, something that can be hot for both sexes.

The older pieces were written and collected several years ago, before we founded Backseam Press, when Nylon Whispers was created as a repository for quality erotic writing. Now that the success of books like “Fifty Shades Of Grey” have injected erotic writing into the cultural bloodstream and conversation, we see an opportunity to create a laboratory and community here for new writers – and an opportunity for both of us to make some money.

We look forward to your participation and hope you enjoy the ride!

Please visit Submit Your Nylon Whispers for more information on how to include your own writing here.

9 thoughts on “About Nylon Whispers

  1. Hi,

    I came across your site via Eric at Nylon Dreams. He was kind enough to comment on my Tumblr pages and that’s how I found his site. I don’t actively search for material related to stockings and so on, though I am fully aware of the erotic potential.
    Your invitation to make a submission had me thinking back for a while. At first I thought about the love-hate relationship I have with stockings and pantyhose. Then I thought I might write about things such as the swish of stocking-clad thighs brushing together, the hint of a suspender clip against a fitted skirt or the soft flesh of a thigh bulging over a tight stocking top. But finally I decided I could sum it all up in a story of a dozen words. Here it is:

    Squeezed between my bestockinged thighs, his hot sperm impregnated the delicate mesh.

    – Gill.

  2. the crossing and uncrossing of nylon clad legs captivates many men plus the sight of a stocking tops dark welt with garter clasp hooked on is just fantastic. very memorable experience to be sure.

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