Pin-Up Girls In Nylons

FeaturedPin-Up Girls In Nylons

I suspect that my nylon fetish began when I saw my saw my first Gil Elvgren pin-up girl. If there was some event earlier in my life that established a permanent erotic connection between my libido and nylons, my early encounters with pin-up girls certainly reinforced and “hardened” that connection.

Comic books and “dime novel” covers were everywhere, and this illustration would definitely have caught my attention then, just as it does now.

What kinds of things piqued your interest in nylons when you were younger?

The Welt

FeaturedThe Welt

The top of a traditional nylon stocking, whether fully-fashioned or with reinforced heel and toe, where the garters are attached, is called “the welt”, and the area just below it is “the shadow welt.” The shadow welt often contains fine detailing that contrasts with the nylon’s color, and is particularly intriguing to the nylon fetishist.

The welt itself is the uppermost section of the nylon, and it ends somewhere up on the upper thigh. Listen to Suzanne Vega’s “Stockings” some time, to get a full appreciation of that transition.

I know that lacetop stockings are popular because they typically have elastic in them, which precludes the need for garters (or garterbelt) altogether. But the rougher feel is just not as satisfying to a lover’s hand as the transition from the somoothness of the nylon to the warm smoothness of the flesh above it. And the garter straps add an interesting complication to overcome. If you truly love real nylons, or love making love to your lover who’s wearing them, you know.

When the garters are properly attached  To a genuine full-fashioned nylon, one of them is positioned at the top of the “keyhole” which is the ‘finishing hole” created during the manufacturing process.

Ankle Chain With Nylons: Inside Or Outside?

FeaturedAnkle Chain With Nylons: Inside Or Outside?

While I ran the Fool For Your Stockings blog, I would occasionally post a nylon-related question, and the responses were always enjoyable to read. So I’m posting one here:

If you wear an ankle chain with hosiery, do you wear it inside or outside your nylons? Stocking Vixen demonstrates the “outside” option above.

This is also a little experiment for me to see how well (or poorly) the “Comments” part of this blog works. Or even whether anyone is interested in the post. So please do me a favor and comment one way or the other, or tell me it’s a stupid idea to wear an ankle chain at all. Whatever. Just comment, so that I can see how that works.

And thanks. I promise to respond.

About Upskirts

FeaturedAbout Upskirts

I was in a Starbucks recently, sitting in one of the comfy chairs, checking my Twitter stream, when a woman sat down across from me. She was very pretty and in full corporate dress mode – blouse, pencil skirt, heels and hose. Five years ago, I would have snapped a photo of her legs covered in nude hose, and perhaps another of her heels, all the while pretending that I was interacting with my phone. And I probably would have shared it on my Fool For Your Stockings blog – without of course showing her face.

But not now. Partly because something like that can get you arrested, but mostly because my consciousness has been raised by some of my female acquaintances (also nylon fetishists, by the way), who have described that this isn’t just an invasion of privacy, but also an assault. I’m still a pervert, of course, and I still look and become aroused by rare upskirt opportunities, but no more photos.

But sometimes, it’s consensual. I have been encouraged to look and to photograph upskirts involving women I know, and who know of my fetish for nylon. It can be very arousing indeed. As Stocking Vixen demonstrates above.

I’m Just A Fool For Your Stockings

FeaturedI’m Just A Fool For Your Stockings

Back before Stocking Vixen and I  created Backseam, I ran the Fool For Your Stockings blog on Blogger. Even though I haven’t posted in some time, it’s probably still there, because on the internet, nothing is ever completely gone. But now, I have a different platform on which to indulge my nylon fetish.

Nylon Whispers has begun to acquire some critical mass, if Word Press’ metrics about visits and page views are to be believed, and now I have an audience once again with whom to share my day-to-day observations about the state of hosiery in the world. It’s something, quite frankly, to take my mind off current events for a little while.

In this era of bare legs and leggings (not that I dislike leggings, mind you) it is refreshing to see more women in public situations in hosiery. Even though that hosiery is very unlikely to involve garters, it’s still rare enough that a nylon festishist never fails to respond.

I sometimes wonder whether those women who are wearing hosiery at work or while they’re  out and about are aware of the attention they receive. I’m certain that I’m not the only one who notices. And I do hear from women from time to time who consider wearing hosiery more of a pleasure than a pain. And who enjoy the attention it draws.

So here’s to more hosiery! I hope it’s a sustainable trend.