After Stocking Vixen and I created Backseam in 2009, we realized there was a large community of readers and writers who love good erotic writing. Especially about nylons, stockings, pantyhose, tights, and BDSM. So we created a publishing division (Backseam Press) and a website (Nylon Whispers) to develop and showcase that writing.

We are looking to publish work by writers of erotic fiction and non-fiction, and develop projects for publication as e-books. “Please Hurt Me,” for instance, is an excerpt from a collaboration between a man and a woman in a BDSM relationship, who share a fetish for nylon. There will be much more from them, and their work will be published as e-books. You’ll find some stories here from before we founded Backseam Press, when Nylon Whispers was a repository for writing from Backseam. Contact me if you’re interested in seeing your writing here. Nick Danger (nickdanger001@gmail.com)

Kira The Little Redhead

Kira ran a subscription site at the end of the last century, back in the dark ages of the internet before Facebook, iPhones, and all of the free-porn tubes, when if you were searching for something directly in your erotic wheelhouse, and found something you liked, and wanted more than just the preview, you had to pony up a monthly subscription fee, which in Kira’s case was $9.95.

What that monthly fee got you was a new set of photos (sometimes including a video) once a week, personal responses to polite messages, and a monthly chat with members. That seemed like a pretty good deal back in the days before Tumblr.

Kira had what appeared to me to be a lot of subscribers in 2000, when I first discovered her site. She stopped me in my tracks, with her combination of a fine little body, authenticity, a preference for nylons, and engaging smile. and she seemed to enjoy writing the little scenarios that accompanied her weekly photo sets.

So I signed on, and certainly got my money’s worth, as one does on such sites. Additionally, recognizing that she too was a writer, I wrote some scenarios for her, which she adapted for a few of her weekly photo shoots. And she enjoyed playing in private messages.

Kira’s site went away a few years later, falling victim no doubt to the success of the tube sites. If you dig deep enough on the Wayback machine, you can still find artifacts from her site. It was a fun ride while it lasted.